100 Things to Do in 2012

I have my “Creating a Goddess Year Workbook” from Goddess Leonie – I vow to work on it every week for the rest of the year.

I thought I’d start by posting my 100 Things to Do in 2012 list from it and then I will blog about which ones I’ve completed. Some I’ve already completed (I’m finally posting them in MARCH! so I should have some done! LOL!) I will write about those in the coming days.

Let me know what you think! Am I crazy? Yep! 🙂

100 Things to Do in 2012

1. Interview my role models   – the Celebrate Life Summit!
2. Create a big event to raise $ for charity  – the Celebrate Life Summit, we raised $1115
3. Teach my daughter to sew
4. Teach my son to cook
5. Go white water rafting
6. Take pictures of ME
7. Create a collage of me each month
8. Be interviewed for the local media – we even had a local TV interview!
9. Write a short story
10. Finish my quilt
11. Do yoga 4X per week – working on that!
12. Speak my truth
13. Read 3 books per month – been doing that!
14. Travel with my mother
15. Create photo books of my kids
16. Have regular dates with Bruce
17. Listen to Tony & Alisa podcasts weekly
18. Run in another 10K race – I’m registered for Melissa’s Road Race in September!
19. Create a product for our biz
20. Giggle with the girls 1X per month (at least)
21. See 4 “chick flicks” and cry and cray
22. Read the Bible 2X per week
23. Take my daughter to church
24. Plan a party for my mom
25. Spend time with my sisters
26. Write my father’s story
27. Run 2-3 X per week – been doing that!
28. Journal daily to learn gratitude – need to do!!!
29. Teach my daughter she is beautiful – working on that!
30. Say goodbye to that/who don’t serve me anymore – this has started to happen
31. Have a party every month – Kids too!
32. Play a game/wrestle/giggle with the kids
33. Encourage a friend to believe in herself
34. Get rid of stuff – working on the Simple Spring Cleanse!
35. Make movies of my kids (baby pics/vids)
36. Go for a hike with my family in the mountains
37. Upload my 100th video to YouTube
38. Use less plastic – make produce & grocery bags
39. Share my SM skills with non-profit groups
40. Join a “Be the Change” circle  – I’m in one right now! 🙂
41. Donate 100$ to the Girl Effect
42. Share Girl Effect info with schools
43. Create a Girl Effect event
44. Host Miss Representation video presentation
45. Expand Secret Goddess Society to another business
46. See the penguins at the zoo
47. Make chocolate with the kids
48. Camping with Mom & Dad
49. Create a race with Brittany at OC – there’s one in the works! meeting next week!
50. Create family history online with 1000 memories website
51. Go refined sugar free for Lent – yeppers! been blogging about it!
52. Play Indiana Jones on Xbox with Lucas
53. Create & maintain family budget
54. Save 1000$ for family vacation
55. Do archery with Lucas
56. Send 10 thank you cards to people who have helped me and/or supported me
57. Setup financial records for SLC
58. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon weekend
59. Create a Goddess playlist on YouTube
60. Experience live orchestra music – we went to the Calgary Philharmonic in January!
61. Do 30 MM every Sunday – I’ve missed a couple, working on this!
62. Create a jean quilt for downstairs
63. Write 12 guest posts for other blogs
64. Enroll in a course for business planning
65. Write a business plan for SLC
66. Have a weekly family finance meeting but make it fun
67. Go to a concert – someone new
68. Forgive someone who has wronged me
69. Stay off computer/iPhone for one whole weekend
70. Write a list of 10 things I love about me
71. Learn to scuba dive/snorkel
72. Sleep/stay in bed for 1 whole day
73. Invite my brother and his family to dinner
74. Take my shoes off and walk through the grass at the farm
75. Dance in the rain
76. Eat buckets full of raspberries
77. Tube down the river
78. Post 100 notes to encourage others throughout OC
79. Write a haiku about baseball
80. Plant wild flowers in our front flower bed and remember to water them!
81. Sponsor a library card for someone in town
82. Go horseback riding
83. Show the kids how to catch a snowflake on their tongue
84. Try a new salad recipe
85. Help my hubby with his courses
86. Write a simple living manifesto
87. Make a travel dream collage
88. Get new family pics done
89. Go shopping with Krystal and our daughters
90. Eat real Indian food
91. Take flowers to my grandparents’ graves
92. Do 15 Minute Marriage Makeover book
93. Read & follow Peter Walsh book
94. Take kids to a show in the park
95. Build castles in the sand
96. Soothe a crying baby
97. Meditate for 5 minutes every day – striving for this…
98. Help Shawn get ready for school
99. Hug a stranger
100. Read Romeo and Juliet
101. Always kiss them good night – I always do, but it’s a great reminder…

2 thoughts on “100 Things to Do in 2012

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this list!! Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring us to create our own lists! I especially love seeing #61 and #97! xx

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