Working Mom – Something is always missed!

Once again, this morning, the working mom (me!) forgot something! It’s the usual dilemma – focusing on something in your life, something else gets dropped! Or completely forgotten in this case. I’ve been focusing on work and my workouts and the house “stuff” has been a little (read: a lot!) neglected. School papers are absolutely everywhere and nothing is filled in for May (and it’s the 14th!) for the family calendar, so…..couldn’t find the paper dear daughter needed for school and she needed it today and then couldn’t find the cheque book (which ended up being in my purse where it belonged!) Poor hubby was running all over the place trying to find it because I’d gone to work already because there is the email crisis here……sigh! Is it Friday yet??

It is next to impossible to keep all those balls in the air when the working mom is juggling home, work, kids, husband, and herself! Some days, I don’t mind it so much. But…on days like today, it really upsets me. I want to be perfect and I can get REALLY annoyed at myself when I can’t be!

That “perfect” word is the problem here! We were raised by “perfect” moms, so we strive to be the same. However, I think our moms made their share of mistakes too. We just don’t remember because we think our moms are awesome! And, you know what, our kids think that we’re awesome too! We moms are just way too hard on ourselves!

Just remember, working moms and stay at home moms, do what you can every day, give them lots of hugs and kisses and spend time with your husband and by yourself. It will all work out in the end. Life isn’t perfect – it’s messy! That’s what makes it great! If it was perfect….well, man, would that ever be boring!

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