Enjoying the little things

Whew, it’s only Wednesday and it has been another draining week! I was at the point between last week and before today that I thought:

“You know, I just can’t take anymore!”

I was being a Victim! Feeling sorry for myself, really. I was letting things completely out of my control – control ME! I was NOT handling things well at all! I had lost my perspective.

What changed today?

Well, it was still a crazy day, but I tried to focus on what I could do instead of what I couldn’t do. And, I took time to appreciate all the good things that happened  today as they happened:

  1. I made progress on a project that I’m working on that was at a stand still
  2. I was able to help a very pregnant co-worker be able to do her work from home where she could be more comfortable
  3. I had a wonderful picnic lunch with friends that I haven’t seen for awhile
  4. My very handsome hubby made a delicious dinner AND did the dishes for me
  5. My best friend who always seems to know what to say and when to say it, sent me the perfect email to lift my spirits. She is always there.
  6. I went to a meeting where I feel like I’m really contributing to progress
  7. My wonderful husband then made me an AWESOME dessert coffee, ready for me when I got home from the meeting! Complete with fresh whip cream and homemade chocolate sauce and cocoa! WOW

There are many other things, but I won’t go on too much! The point I’m trying to make is, I needed to stop focusing on the one or two unimportant things (that are also out of my control) and focus on the important things.

It’s those little things that turn out to be the truly important things: family, friends, and being true to your heart.

Live, Laugh, Love. and I need to take my own advice! It Feels Like Today.

One thought on “Enjoying the little things

  1. It’s so true. We often focus on the negative things and forget about the things that ARE going well. The things that we should be grateful for. I think that is human nature.
    I had been annoyed with hubby yesterday. However near the end of my 12 hour shift one of my patients passed away. (Someone that had been with us for a long time). A middle aged fellow that had Cancer. His wife left the hospital last night without a husband and I got to come home to mine. I was able to physically come home and hug him; while that grieving wife could no longer do that. (Which someone pointed out to me). I needed that kick in the butt to stop being selfish; to realize what I DO have. Needless to say I came home without guns blazing and lo and behold he was making me the MOST delicious supper. The kids and him worked hard to tidy the house before I got home as well! I got to sit on the patio with my whole family together and have a wonderful meal that I didn’t have to cook or clean up after!
    My point is… although there will always be people and situations that REALLY tick us off; we need to step back and think about what is really important. Our families that are healthy, our friends that we know would be here for us ANY time, the people that we can help in our jobs rather than the situations that are out of our control.
    So, thanks Shawna for posting this and thanks for being a great friend!

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