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I am truly becoming a google convert! Every time I turn around, there is some new tool or application or feature that I fall in love with on Google! No wonder they are gaining ground!

I created a gmail account before I went to Boston (it was a prerequisite for participating in one of the classes). Mark from Bentley University showed us the power of Google Docs in my very first session and I was completely hooked!

All of my notes from the conference are google docs. I immediately set up a wiki (called Sites in Google) to allow Olds College staff a place to share their thoughts and notes from the conference. A couple of the “keeners” 😉 joined me in collaborating a little.

Then I got home and found out that I can sync my work calendar with my Google calendar! I have been desperately trying to find a way to get all my calendars in one place: home, work, appointments, etc. Finally! it worked! Now that Bruce has a google calendar too, he shared it with me and vice versa so that no matter where we are, both of us know what is going on with the family and each other!

I started messing around with Google Reader! Another great tool to keep my RSS feeds flowing through! And it allows me to easily scan through and quickly find those articles that I’m interested in.

Next, I found an article (that I haven’t had a chance to read yet!) on putting cool photo albums and shows up onto Picasa so that I can share photos etc with my family! What an awesome way to share our holiday pictures without having to put them on Facebook for my FB friends and on my personal blog site for the extended non-FB family. One place! and I can have my little story lines etc. The video was extremely convincing!

I love having an IGoogle home page that is customizable to show “My Stuff” that I want to see every day.  I even have a little Bejeweled game on there for a distraction, there is a gadget that has rotating pictures of places I like to visit plus another with inspirational quotes. It’s a really great way to start the day!

The amazing (to me, anyway) thing that I found tonight on a tweet that I stumbled on for #gonegoogle: being able to add “interesting calendars” to my calendar.

I now have the phases of the moon on this online calendar….I have the Boston Red Sox schedule, including scores after the game…and most importantly (and something I’ve been dying to have) is that I can have Google AUTOMATICALLY add my Contacts birthdays to my Calendar! As I update my Contact information, their birthdays automatically show up! No more transferring birthdays from one year’s calendar to the next (IF I remember to do that!). No more forgetting, because it will be on my ONE calendar that just has EVERYTHING on it!

I get very excited when I find things that make my life easier! Google seems to have so many great tools and features! Anything that makes my life easier, I will recommend to others! Check it out!

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