Some Good Blogs to Read

I always say  that things happen for a reason. I am a true believer in that theory.

I have come across some really great blogs lately that I’m trying to find time to read. Some days, I need this more than others. I am so great at giving others advice (well, I’d like to think I am!). I am not so great at heeding my own advice!

The biggest message in these new blogs: Simplify Your Life

I do like my life complicated, but I do let it get to me sometimes. The biggest problem I have with the complexity of life is setting priorities. That’s a tricky thing for me. I want to be everything to everyone all the time. And I can’t do that. Then I get frustrated.

So…I’m constantly on the lookout for ideas on how to set these priorities. I have read so many books and so many articles. They are too numerous to even count!

I guess what I need to remember is that I just need to keep trying. Life is Learning, so as long as I keep doing that, I’m still on the right track!

I also get distracted! I just got distracted from giving you those great blogs to read! Too funny! – I really like these ideas from Leo Babauta on basically living with the bare essentials. – another Leo Babauta blog about being productive, yet still living the simple life. I really like this one too. A lot of great ideas

I am following these on twitter too so that I can be constantly reminded to simplify my life! Yeah, using twitter to simplify – constant distraction. hmmmmm. Need to rethink that one to evaluate if it simplifies my life, or complicates it!

Good Witch Bad Witch – a don’t know how I stumbled on this today, but thought it looked pretty good. Humorous and helpful at the same time. Experienced life coaches. I thought I’d subscribe to this one too – I’ll see how it turns out!

And I continue to receive emails from FlyLady – there is always great stuff coming from her about how to get my home (and in turn my life…) back!

I’m sure as I go on, I’ll find more stuff to read and try to glean some advice from. I’ll keep you posted!

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