Internet Addict

One of my friends is without Internet at her house and doesn’t know when she’s going to have it.

I simply could NOT imagine it! WOW! I had heart palpitations just thinking about being offline for more than a few hours! I may not go on the computer for the entire day on the weekend, but I know that it’s there…safe and sound and secure. My grownup security blanket!

I think I must have an addiction to this thing!

Those of you that know me, know that I’m on Facebook a couple times a day, and many, many times at night. I flit from various online tool to another, back and forth.

I (or the hubby, being the smart hubby he is) turn on the computer before the coffee gets brewed!! I can Tweet from my cell phone. I can send a blog entry from my PDA. (Yes, I have both, don’t ask….)

Do I need an intervention? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Internet Addict

  1. are you addicted? yes
    do you need an intervention? no
    if not for you, who would i go to for info on all this stuff!?

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