Mama Bear

What would you do for your kids or for your spouse/significant other? I think that there have been times for all of us when we’ve thought about this.

I call it “getting into mama bear mode”. I’ve seen my parents do this, and I know I’ve done it before. I know that this “mama bear” instinct gets in the way sometimes when my kids want or even NEED to be “set free”. I want to protect them.

I have blogged about Internet safety before (see the post: Safety? What Safety?) and I know we can’t protect our kids from everything or they won’t experience life. I try to take my own advice, but it’s hard sometimes.

But what about real life? Sometimes I think that I am trying to protect my my kids too much and thus, I don’t think they know enough about the world to be able to venture out into it. I’m working on that. The media hype does not help as you all know!

It’s hard sometimes to differentiate between when you should step in and when you shouldn’t; when you should become Mama bear because someone just stepped in between you and your cubs!

What are some of the things you do when you get into “Mama Bear mode”? Do you get as crazy as me sometimes?

They do need reassurance that we are always there for them. It doesn’t matter how old they are. My parents have always been really great at that. They knew we’d make mistakes, but we knew that we could still go to them and that they would always be there when we were in trouble.

I think that’s what’s important: just be sure that your kids know that you are there. Even when they make mistakes.

Update: November 3: This just reminded me of a book a bought a few years ago that I believe is by a Canadian author (I’m having trouble finding information about her). It is a mother’s promise to find her child no matter where they are.

I Promise I’ll Find You – by Heather P. Ward

What started me thinking about this was looking up a new song from Nickelback. They made it into a very powerful video for  “I’d Come For You”

2 thoughts on “Mama Bear

  1. Guess what Shawna – it doesn’t change even when they get to be in their late 20’s and early 30’s. Once a Mama Bear – always a Mama Bear.

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