Getting Great

Now, that title does not seem grammatically correct at all! It’s bugging the “spelling and grammar checker” part of me! I think I am pretty great at spelling!

Anyway…I got distracted by my title! I need to get to point of my story!

Once again, I was reading a post from Leo’s zenhabits: The Only Way to Become Great at Something and once again, Leo hits the nail on the head.

Practice, practice, practice! Don’t give up and don’t get discouraged.

Take me for example: Long ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I would try a new skill. Something like knitting or raquetball or whatever. Well, that old me would be furious when she didn’t pick up that skill, like, right NOW! I’m talking about foot-stomping, temper tantrum furious! And this was when I was 20, not 2 for crying out loud! Seriously! I pouted and threw a fit because I wasn’t absolutely able to perform that skill perfectly. It’s embarrassing! Sheesh!



I have come a long way since then. Now, I have more patience. I understand that the only reason that I am great at what I do (at least I think I am! 😉 ) is because I have been “practicing” for so long. I am able to help people because I have been helping people in some way or another for about 18 years now.

To quote Leo: “So here’s the thing: don’t get discouraged if you’re just starting out. Have fun, like we all did in the beginning. If you have fun, you’ll learn to love it, and THAT’S when it clicks”

I started out having fun, and on those good days now, I am still having a blast helping people with their computers. It is fun because: 

  1. I get to play on the computer every day!
  2. I usually learn something new while I’m helping that person
  3. I feel great when I am able to solve a problem; even if it’s just a little one because to the person I’m helping, it isn’t little; it’s important

I like the quote he uses from George Lucas: “Everybody has talent. It’s just a matter of moving around until you’ve discovered what it is.”

I’ve mentioned that often in my blogs: Find your passion. Chase that passion with all your heart. Someday you WILL become great at whatever you decide to do.

At the moment is I have several things that I want to be great at! Oh well! One of those things is Cafe Cevraini!

So, I will continue to write this blog because I absolutely LOVE writing it! I am passionate about it. It wakes me in the dead of night with a new idea. I want to do it all the time. I want to become like some of those great writers that I love to read.

But, the new me is not going to stomp her foot and pout and give up! The person I am today is patient and willing to work and try and try again. I may never become  a great writer, but I’m sure not going to give up on it!

Because it’s something I love to do, and anything worth doing, is worth the effort!

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