Give Me Strength

Another one of those days…

I don’t have much to say about it. A lot of big disappointments yet again at work.

Must keep going. My job does not define me.

Thankfully, I have an awesome family and great friends that help me through these times where I question what I am doing there.

Once again, the universe sent a message too. The very first blog I’ve looked at all day, and it is full of wonderful pictures of a place I dream of going to.

Glorious. Absolutely amazing

Funny that my daughter has the same name and a friend is from Scotland….coincidence? Nope.

That’s what I will remember today. I am there to facilitate the dreams I have of going somewhere like in these beautiful pictures.

Headache is now subsiding thanks to these things.

2 thoughts on “Give Me Strength

  1. Hey Shawna. I’d agree the our jobs don’t define us, but I think the way we work through the disappointments is a significant part of how we define ourselves. There is always another way. I’m glad you found yours in the beauty on that “glorious” Blog and with family and friends. Connections with nature and the acceptance, affection, attention, appreciation and permission to be ourselves are the gifts we take and give when we are in “real” relationships.

    I know you are a very smart lady, a great teacher and someone who people want to work with (especially me). I’m looking forward to your session on Thursday and working more with you.

    Thanks for doing your blog.

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