Tomorrow is Remembrance Day.

To me, this is a very important day, remembering our veterans and thanking them for their sacrifices. Thanking their families for the sacrifices they’ve made as well.

I also thank our soldiers and their families who are serving right now. They continue to make these sacrifices to protect our way of life.

It always makes me think of my grandparents and the life they have lived. The troubles they’ve seen.

I wrote a poem when I was about 15. I read it at my Grandmother’s funeral and always think of it in times like these.


The waves that once were raging with fury,

Now lap softly at the deserted beach.

The green, murky waters wash the traces

Of the storm, away to hide in its depths.

Never to be seen by the fretful world;

In all its grimness, sorrow and its pain.

The Lord commanded the waves to show us

That there will be Peace, along with the storms.

And that the parting, black clouds in our hearts

Must give way to the shining Son, always.


It isn’t the best writing, but it is a little part of my teenage self that even then, saw that there will be times of trouble and strife. But even my moody teenager self knew that I wasn’t alone.

Remembering that poem has always brought me peace when I’ve needed it. I hope it helps you too.

I pray that we can bring all of our soldiers home and there can be peace for everyone so that no one else has to lose a loved one in war ever again.

Let us all remember them, every day.

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