Proud to be Canadian

I am so proud of my kid (who is now a young adult!) who truly shows me how to be proud to be Canadian.
He and his fellow cadets participated across the country in Remembrance Day ceremonies today. They all did us very proud as they showed their respect to our country’s veterans and their families. Many of them (like my son) will go on to protect our way of life in the Canadian Forces.
I am so proud of him. He is almost done his seventh year of cadets. They will have to drag him out kicking and screaming. He plans on continuing on, helping out there where he can. You see, this program has taught him to give back as much as he has received. I know he intends to do that, and I am very proud of him for it.



Many people think that our youth today are not patriotic and don’t care about where they come from. I always hasten to disagree. I know a great many (like my son and his friends) that do care.

The young adult volunteers that are part of this cadet program also make me proud to be Canadian. The young lady “in charge” in this photo believes so much in cadets, that she and her fellow officers commit hundreds of hours to the program. She does not have kids yet; yet she and her husband are VERY involved in the community and contribute to this country every day! That is what Canadians are all about. You will not find better citizens than those in the Cadet program.

And what just so happened to be on YouTube’s front page for me today? Yet another example of young people that created this video to show their pride in this great country:

Want to know more about the Cadet program? Feel free to comment and I will point you in the right direction (I’ve been an involved Cadet parent for 7 years now, so I do like to go on and on about the program!)

Or, visit: Cadets Canada

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One thought on “Proud to be Canadian

  1. Your Dad and I are very proud of our young grandson as well, we are also very proud of the children we have raised and have become outstanding citizens. With All Our Love Mom.

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