Modern Love

I read this funny post this morning (click the link to read it):

Mommy Said What blog

She talks about how she uses modern technology to communicate with her husband. Some of the comments show concern about her relationship, but I think she has nothing to worry about. Everyone complains about their spouses occasionally. No relationship is perfect.

The point that I think people missed in her blog is that she and her spouse can still laugh and have fun with each other. That is the important thing. The technology allows them to communicate a little more than maybe they would have in this busy life we lead.

I do think that the technology can “take over” sometimes, and that’s not a good thing. It should not be the ONLY way we communicate.

Take Facebook for example: I love it because it does let me keep up on what is happening in the lives of people I care about. Many of my FB friends are extended family or old friends that I don’t normally see/hear from very often. At least with FB, we can still communicate. If I had to call every one of these people to let them know the “latest”, I would be on the phone for hours! I don’t have that kind of time.

FB allows me to see what “the kid” is up to as well. He won’t always tell me things, but at least I can kinda see what is going on in his life. However, it is WAY more important for me to find a way to communicate with him face to face.

How do you get a teenager to talk to you? You don’t try to talk to them when they are on the cell phone or in the morning when they emerge from their cave. You talk to them when they are lazing around at 11 o’clock at night! That is when they are ready to talk. They just hanging out, bored usually – just plunk down beside him and see what he says. That has always worked for me.

As for the hubby – I love texting! It’s nice to know he’s thinking of me in the middle of the day. A quick note saying hi! makes my day! There are other “notes” we send back and forth to each other too, that no one else needs to hear! This adds to the “excitement” and anticipation! What’s wrong with that!! 😉

The technology allows us to keep communicating even when we are far apart. He’ll be going away for the week and I will miss him terribly! But with texting and chat and video chat and FB, I can still “talk “to him when he is gone!

That is what is great about all this technology. It shouldn’t be the only way we communicate, and it isn’t.

We still go out on “dates” and hang out with friends and do fun stuff with our kids. That quality time is the most important. But, I do think that all this technology ADDS to our ability to communicate with each other. It enhances our communication in my opinion.

What’s your opinion? Does the technology we use to communicate hurt or help our communication with each other?

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