Let’s Get on the Bus

OMG! I just came across a very special blog – I don’t even remember the rabbit hole that I went down to find it. But it has hit me like a ton of bricks! I can’t believe how foolish I have been this week, only thinking of myself!

Please watch this: The Years Are Short (click on the link to watch it in a new window)

This little story about riding the bus with her little girl is so true. Life is right here in front of us and so many times, we waste so much time, hurrying, whining and complaining – that we miss it. We miss those moments with our children because we “are too busy”!

Me…I’ve tried to yell less, spend more time with them, and truly listen to them when they talk.

Here’s some examples of things I’ve done with my kids that (hopefully) have made memories for them. They sure have for me!

  • Sitting with my daughter the other night teaching her how to write a poem – you should have seen her face as she learned how to put her thoughts on paper!
  • Curling up with them at bedtime lately going through a giant “search & find” book. They don’t really need me there, they can read, but they sure want me to snuggle in with them.
  • Letting them climb into our comfy, warm bed on the occasional weekend morning. They don’t do it very often anymore, so I cherish it when they do. I used to complain, now I’m sorry I did.
  • Spending an entire Sunday creating a stop motion lego people video with them. It was hilarious and so much fun! They loved being the director and coming up with the ideas.
  • Building the coolest lego castle for my son for their medieval study in Kindergarten a couple years ago. We spent hours and he was so proud! How many moms play lego?
  • My son doesn’t say much, so when he does, I try very hard to get down to his level and listen intently. I think (hope!) it encourages him to say more!
  • Two summers ago, I cleared everything out of the kitchen, stuffed towels down the register vents and let them step into ice cream buckets with warm soapy water in their sock feet and let them “skate” around the kitchen floor! They had a BLAST and my floor has never been cleaner! When I was washing the floor the other night, my son asked when we could do that again! He obviously still remembers!
  • We used to setup the living room when they were smaller as a “gymnastic arena” – couch cushions in a big soft line, the soft ottoman in the middle, etc. I have it on video; them running along doing all kinds of stunts! This was when they were about 3 and 4 and their big brother would have been 12 or so. He was the announcer. I love that video!

Yes, they have made HUGE messes with these kinds of things. And yes, I had a lot of other things that I could have been doing. BUT…I cherish these memories of them. When I just let them be little. And I wasn’t afraid to be little and be silly with them.

People may have drove by our house and seen the five of us dancing like madmen in the living room, but I didn’t care. Let them wonder. Let them see what they are missing. I hope it made them think about their children and go home and give them a big hug and let their own children dance around the living room on mommy’s feet for a little while.

My point here today: Get on the bus. Take the slowest way possible through your children’s lives, through your own life. They are little for such a short time. See the life that is right in front of you, holding your hand, asking you, “Mommy, can we play today?”


Gretchen’s blog: The Happiness Project is amazing. I have added it to my list of “must-reads-everyday”! I highly recommend it!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Get on the Bus

  1. Tonight I helped Kimi make her beloved Cocoa Butter Balls, and Walker whipped up our family-patented chocolate cake, all this while we watched a movie.

    Sometimes I am not a dragon-lady. Good to know.

    1. That sounds great! We are ALL “dragon-lady” sometimes! It’s the trying not to be that’s important!
      You are a great mom my friend!

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