Starting a Happiness Project

Happiness - it's in your hands

This morning, I have signed up myself to start my own “Happiness Project”.

I discovered Gretchin Rubin’s site a few weeks ago and I’ve been following her tweets. I think this is a wonderful idea. It is interesting that many of the people that I’ve been following and reading their blogs are involved in some sort of life improving strategy. It seems the Universe is pointing me in this direction!

My next step is to plan the monthly areas that I will be focusing on. In January, the focus will be Fitness for me. I am heading back to the gym on a regular basis (I’ve been neglecting that part of my life for the past month or so).

As I go through each month, I plan on writing about it. How it affects my happiness, ideas that I’ve found, how being happier affects other aspects of my life, etc.

As Gretchen says – “studies show that doing an action…will help you hold yourself accountable for your resolutions”.

This is my action – letting you, my friends and family, know that I am going to be happier in 2010! And also, to challenge you all to join me!

Comment and/or send me an email/facebook post and let me know you’d like to join in on the challenge. I hope to come up with some ideas and things to try so that we can be successful!

Update: December 18th – I am now officially signed up for another spin class in January PLUS on the alternate days, I’m going to try Box Fit class! Back to Boxing – I am really excited about that! I loved it during my personal training sessions last year.

I’ll have to spend some time during the holiday getting ready to head back to the gym!

Join me in this Happiness Project or start your own:

Happiness Project


7 thoughts on “Starting a Happiness Project

  1. Shawna –

    I am SO happy to have read this. I’m really looking forward to following along and staying motivated with you.

    I also think that you’ll find that by keeping this blog, you’ll feel much more accountable, and will help you tremendously. Blogging is therapeutic in a way, isn’t it?

    Great to see you taking your thoughts and putting them into action!!! If there’s any way I can ever help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    1. Blogging certainly IS my therapy! I am so excited to get started! Thanks for your support! I will keep everyone posted!

    1. That’s great! Good luck & keep me posted.
      Thanks for stopping by! I’m off to check out your blog!

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