Lego Creations and Doll Dreams

Once again, we were blessed with a beautiful Christmas! My angels were up bright and early! Much earlier than on a school day! (That’s OK, I was pretty much awake the whole night too – too excited to see their faces!)

We had tracked Santa across the world all day. Counting down the hours until his arrival. Finally, he arrived!

It always amazes me how patient and considerate my kids can be on Christmas morning! They work together making sure that everyone has a gift to open and watch eagerly as others open their gifts!

This year was no different! In fact, it took over an hour for everyone to open their gifts. They had to keep checking each other’s stuff out!

In the end, it was the basics that they were most excited about: my daughter was so excited and emotional about her Maplelea doll that she cried! And my youngest son was crazy about his big Star Wars Lego set! The oldest was very pleased to get some new clothes and was found later sitting on the couch amongst the debris reading his newest book!

Dear daughter spent the morning organizing all her new doll’s clothes. My boys were hunkered down, working on the new Star Wars Republic Attack Cruiser together. The new electronic games were not touched!

I refused to tidy up the debris – it could wait! I was thoroughly enjoying the morning and seeing my kids enjoying just being together!

We then spent the late afternoon at my sisters – all of the immediate family was there. The cousins were so excited to be together again! The silliness and running around out in the snow were the highlight of the day! They didn’t even think of the fact that there were still more gifts under the tree there! I took some pictures of the crazy “kids” table!

They put on a show for us just like we used to do when we were kids. My mom was ecstatic about seeing them work together spontaneously! Some were in the band, some were the door security, some were the lighting crew! It was awesome!

The day ended with a skate on my brother-in-law’s skating rink on the front lawn! Each of them strapped on skates and just enjoyed being out there! It was a perfect end to a perfect day.

Family Skate

My kids quickly fell asleep last night with visions of Lego and special dolls dancing in their heads. My hubby and I fell asleep in each other’s arms, thankful for being blessed with our beautiful family.

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