Fresh Air and Toboggans

We did not spend Boxing Day in the mall or in any kind of store. I have never had the desire to wait in line and put up with crowds just to get a “deal” on already inflated prices. That’s not my idea of fun!

We spent most of the day outside in the bright sunshine and cool, crisp air! This is another of our family’s traditions: Tobogganing. (a.k.a. sledding for those of you that may not be familiar with this Canadian word 🙂 )

Coming down the hill!

Once again, the cousins were sooooo excited to be together! And I love getting out there and traipsing around in the snow. I believe that I am the best at the “crazy carpet” that I go flying down the hill on! No one stays on as good as me! LOL! 😉

You may wonder what a 30-something (ack! very close to 40!) woman is doing sledding down a snowy hill?

I have surprised many with my love of this activity. I know women that won’t wear a toque because it will mess up their hair. I know women that don’t own a pair of boots that they can “traipse around” in the snow in. They would never consider tobogganing. That is up to them.

This is me, out there, being with my kids and showing them (and myself) that I too, know how to have fun and be silly. That I’m not afraid to do a face plant in the snow because I will be laughing my head off all the while! Life is WAAAAYYY too short to be worried about messing up my hair. I want to have fun!

Yep, it's that steep! We've been "clocked" at faster than 20 km/hr!

I have been doing this since I was a kid. Guess I still am a kid at heart – especially while I’m flying down that hill on a “crazy carpet”. I seem to have a few more bruises than I used to get, and the odd stiff muscle – especially those on muscles that I forgot I had!

But, it is worth it because my lungs are full of fresh air and my heart is full of joy! What could be better than that?! 🙂

One thought on “Fresh Air and Toboggans

  1. I agree with that last statement you make completely – if your heart is full of joy, there is nothing better than that. You can remain a kid at heart, enjoying every day as much as possible for as long as you want. It is the moment we start to consider ourselves old and unable to have so much fun that everything changes for the worse. We are in complete control of whether or not that happens!

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