Rock 2010!

Gonna "Rock 2010"

This  is the “theme” that is coming out in the stuff I’ve been reading this morning. And how perfect is that!!

I woke up early today. My head is just too full of ideas, thoughts, and, amazingly, Happiness. I am just so happy – it’s kinda weird! Maybe it’s the strong latte I made for myself when I got up; but my heart is just pounding in my chest! I am so excited – I can hardly sit still to write this post! Thoughts are flying around in my head and my fingers cannot keep up!

One more day left in 2009 and I’ve been doing a lot of planning and scheming for 2010:

  1. My Happiness Project is number one – keep reading my blog for continuing updates on that!
  2. My best friend and I have an “evil plan” – we are going to escape from our jobs and do something that we LOVE, together! We are going to make a difference in people’s lives! We were working on it yesterday and I am COMPLETELY PUMPED!! Stay tuned for more news as we move forward 😉
  3. I am going to raise $2500 for cancer research and train to ride my bike 200 km in 2 days for the Ride to Conquer Cancer – yep, I’m still looking for donations!
  4. I am going to continue thinking and writing about my many blessings – something I think everyone should do, daily if you can. It helps a lot!
  5. I am going to spend time with my family and friends. Real. Quality. Time. We’re going to get out there and explore the world. Even if it’s our own backyard. We are just going to get out there! Life is too short to sit around whining and spending so much time in front of a screen!
  6. I have been frustrated with my teenager (young adult, really) and his lack of motivation. I have lectured and nagged him about “getting a life”. No more. I learned a long time ago with my husband that the more I nagged, the more he stopped listening. Why have I expected different results with my son?? I am going to set the “motivation example” for him. I think I have failed him in that in the past. He (and obviously, his younger siblings) are going to see ME get out there and experience life. I am going to be the example of a person who is not waiting for life to happen to her – I am going to be the woman saying, “Life, you’d better catch up!”. They are not going to hear me moan and complain about my job. They are going to see me following my heart and making a difference. What more could a parent want for their children? That is what matters. That’s what I’m going to do in 2010 for my children.

So, these are my New Year’s Resolutions – I wrote them down. That will make me more accountable for them. You are my witnesses!

How are you going to ROCK 2010?? Think about it! Make this year the best year yet!

To get you started, go and watch this video:


12 thoughts on “Rock 2010!

  1. I’m shawna’s sister…how talented is she? She is an inspiration for those who cross her path. Keep it going, s!

  2. Wow, all excellent goals. I especially like #6. Lead by example, not only for your kids but your friends, neighbours and anyone that you meet. Doing awesome things can only help yourself and others become better people.

    I’m going to expect to see a report on how you’re doing in 4 months 😉

    Good luck!

    1. Thanks Ross! I will keep you posted! 😉 And thanks for that video! I will be watching that every time I need a reminder!

  3. Hello. Thanks for saying hello. I’m one of the quiet ones too but that’s also been changing this past year. I love this post – the best bit for me was setting an example for your son, rather than nagging 🙂 It’s so true, examples are inspiring and nagging only makes people switch off. Lots and lots of luck for 2010. xxx

  4. Shawna,
    Knowing you as I do … you REALLY are GREAT. You are! Lately I too have struggled being angry at people, starting to fester a few nice comfy grudges, keeping them conveniently at hand for when I needed them …. I don’t need to be dragged into that. I can choose to forgive. I can choose to live life the way I want to – not the way they drag me into. Like you say, I’m just not going to live like that. I’ll choose my path. I’ll choose my reactions. I’ll choose to …
    DARE TO BE the GREAT PERSON that YOU are!
    I like that …
    In fact I really like that …

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