Thoughts on Fitness

As many of you know, I am on my Happiness Project. For the month of January, my focus is Fitness.

So far, so good. I’ve been working out lots and eating MUCH better! (and drinking less vodka ūüė¶ LOL!)

Krystal and I were talking last night while we were working out (I know, surprise, surprise!) We were discussing that many people think they should just workout for a few months, lose the weight they want to lose (or wonder why they don’t) and then quit because they are “done”.

Our idea is that fitness isn’t something that you do for just a little while, it is a lifestyle change. It is something that you decide to just do. Something that becomes part of your life.

The discussion was that it’s doesn’t have to be just “going to the gym” or doing exercise videos at home (that’s what we did last night). It is a decision to be active.

What does that mean?

Well, let’s say you are having a crazy day at work, no time for anything, you rush home, take the kids all over the place, put them to bed and plunk down in front of the tv. The last thing you want to do is workout: Well, maybe you could just sit there in front of the tv and do some stretching/yoga. Just to relax and unwind. You will find that 5 minutes turns into 10 then 15 etc. just because it feels good.

Or the kids are outside playing soccer. Why not join in for a few minutes? It’s time spent with them, and some healthy activity for you!

Or instead of sitting at the computer in the evening, you wink at your hubby and say, “Hey! the kids are asleep, we’re both sitting at the computer… *wink*wink*” – you’ll both be happier and get in a little different kind of “physical activity”!

Or you try to park at the furthest parking lot at work so that you have to walk further to and from your office. Or choose the stairs instead of the elevator. Or instead of emailing someone down the hall, walk down and talk to them.

As you can see, it is just to make conscious decisions for those little things that get you moving. 5 minutes here and there throughout the day adds up to great fitness!

Fitness is a lifestyle change. Not something you do for a little while and then let it go. You will feel great and be healthier. You will be able to get out there and enjoy life!

Make some decisions today that will get you moving!

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