What IS this Happiness Project Thing?

I have been going on and on about this Happiness Project thing this month. I have written several posts about this month’s theme: Fitness.

Some of you may be asking, what the heck is this thing she is doing??

I wrote about the day that I found Gretchen Rubin’s blog. I decided on December 16th that I was going to start my own Happiness Project. I raved like a lunatic today because my order for Gretchen’s book came in the mail and I’m totally psyched to read it! Yay!

What the heck is a Happiness Project anyway?

Well, I’m not 100% sure what all is going to be involved in this (thus the book and her blog) but I can tell you this:

  1. Each month, I am going to focus on one aspect of my life that I believe will make me happier.
  2. I will be happier, maybe not every day, but most. And more and more all the time
  3. This is not only going to affect me, it is going to affect everyone around me
  4. It is going to change my life F-O-R-E-V-E-R. Repeat. FOREVER.

I am well aware of how truly blessed I am; I’ve written often about this and I try to count my blessings every day.

However, I was finding that I was having so many days where I was just plain angry. I was frustrated. I was questioning my true purpose in life. I thought, “There has to be more than the day to day”. I yelled at my kids too much, I worried too much, I hated myself too much, I didn’t believe that I deserved the wonderful life I had.

There had to be a trick. It was too good to last. Something bad was going to happen. How could I be the great person I am? Wouldn’t that make others less great? How dare I try to be the best I can be? I thought I should settle for mediocrity. I complained that my son was letting life pass him by, but so was I. My kids, husband and dogs were always on alert, because I could snap at any minute.

I realized that I had to change. I did not want that person around anymore! I wanted to become who I was meant to be. I found myself stumbling across blogs by amazing people, finding my absolute LOVE of writing this blog and opening up to people, total strangers sometimes like my mom likes to do in a store!

It seemed that the more I opened my eyes to new possibilities and let my mind create and set my ideas free, the more happiness has started to flow into my life! It was an incredible rush! I started to wake up each day wondering what will happen instead of dreading the day ahead. Every day was a new adventure! I started to see those blessings right in front of me! I realized that I was happy…

I came to the conclusion that I wanted MORE! I want to be so happy that family, friends, co-workers, even strangers CRAVE being around me just because it helps THEM to be just a little more happy! I decided that I wanted to spread this happiness EVERYWHERE! I want to shout it from the rooftops and across the sea just to be sure that everyone finds even just a little light of happiness. Everyone deserves happiness.

And so, I decided to start this project. To be sure that I truly dedicate myself to my new-found happiness. And I want to share it with whoever I can. Especially Y.O.U.!

So far, the January focus has been Fitness. Let me explain how focusing on this is making me happier:

  1. Just the act of focusing on something brings me peace of mind – those that know me, know I can get a little distracted sometimes to say the least!
  2. I have been working hard on my fitness for about a year, slacked off in November\December, but thought I’d start the project with fitness because it was something “easy” to start off with as I already knew how it made me happier!
  3. Let’s face it, fitness makes me feel better about myself. I have more energy, more “spunk” and more confidence. Thus, it makes me happier!
  4. I set a fitness goal for every day, and it makes me happy to have goals.
  5. It allows me some control of my life – I know that this is for me, and no one else. Doing something for me used to make me feel guilty, but I know this makes me more able to take on the day, so I am guilt-free which in turn, makes me VERY happy 🙂
  6. It makes me feel proud that I did a workout or went for a walk, even when I didn’t feel like it. It makes me happy to know that I got up and dusted myself off and tried again. That I pushed myself just a little harder when I didn’t think I could do one more push up or one more hill on the bike.

That is what my Happiness Project is all about! I look forward to many more adventures and happiness that life will bring in 2010.

Want to join me? Check out:
Happiness Project

Thanks for listening and supporting me everyone!

4 thoughts on “What IS this Happiness Project Thing?

  1. hey my friend….something to think about, Happiness is already within you. Happiness is not something you need to seek and recive from the activites you do. You Bring happiness, love, joy to the things you do.

    The activity often clears your mind (becuase of the focus) of the clutter so you feel the feeling. The EGO or left side of your brain is the distractor you speak of… constantly making you think you have to do x to feel the flow of happiness.

    hint hint…meditation ;);) might also be a wonderful addtion.

    You inspire me to keep up the great internal work myself….stay on the path my friend.

    I recomend the following if you have an itunes account….Staying on the Path by Dr. Wayne Dyer and a short read My Stroke of Insight by Jill Taylor.

  2. I have that Jill Bolt Taylor book… somewhere… around here…

    I too want to be happy again. And I am determined to be… even going so far as to see a personal trainer now who is helping me with both fitness and nutrition.

    Given the fact that I don’t know where the flip that book is though, perhaps my focus should be on organization?

    1. LOL! Don’t worry, that one is going to be March’s focus most likely!

      I am so glad to hear about the personal trainer! Way to go! That’s what started me going November ’08! She helped me realize that I can be in control of my fitness and it sure didn’t have to be boring or hard! She helped me realize how FUN it is!

      Good for you girl!

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