Friday Fun and Fitness

Have Some Fun

I just read an awesome post at Cranky Fitness:

What to Do When Nothing Else Effing Works: A Short Guide to Silliness

Click on the link and read Jo’s post! The point is to not be afraid to just be plain silly! You will get more out of your fitness if you are having fun! And find opportunities for silly fitness like Jo’s example of washing the floor while imitating Mick Jagger!

Right now, I am having a BLAST with Box Fit class. And Spin is actually fun too!

I have raced around the house putting stuff away. It’s fun, the kids think I’m weird, but it gets my heart rate up PLUS cleans up! I have sprinted down the hall at work! Crazy, I know! But fun! and faster!

Try it! It’s Friday! Be silly today! Your heart will get pumping and will be full of happiness! At the very least, everyone else will have fun laughing at you!

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