10 Things I Love About…ME!

Sounds extremely selfish and boastful, doesn’t it? It’s a pretty hard thing to do. I can do this with ease for those I care about, but, for ME??? Kinda weird.

I just read a post on Uplift Antidote about this idea.

My Happiness Project focus for January has been Fitness.

My focus for February? LOVE! All kinds of love. Husband, Kids, Family, Friends, and…weird as it is, ME.

This is a good idea for a post to end January and start February. Fitness is about focusing on me and my health (and, to my GREAT happiness…all of you that are following along and doing this too! I am so excited!) So, why don’t I start the love focus on loving myself?

This is something that the FlyLady talks about ALL the time. The word “FLY” for her actually stands for Finally Loving Yourself. And she is right. She talks often about how we beat ourselves up and listen to those inner voices that says “I can’t” or “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve peace or happiness”. We are so mean to ourselves!

I have done this SOOOO much. I still catch myself looking in the mirror and frowning at that wrinkle or that not so flat belly. I still hear myself say, “I am so boring” or “Who would ever love a person like me?”

So many of us do this. We need to love ourselves.

So, I’m going to start with trying to come up with this “strange-feeling” list of 10 things I love about me. Bear with me, here goes:

  1. I love helping people, often it is the only thing that gets me through the day
  2. I love with all my heart. This has led to a broken heart a time or two, but if I love someone, I hold on very tightly with all my heart
  3. I have beautiful deep brown eyes
  4. I am a fun mom, weird sometimes, but fun!
  5. I am creative
  6. I know all the words to a million songs 😉
  7. I am really great at learning new things
  8. I am dependable. Scattered and forgetful sometimes, but usually, you can depend on me to get it done eventually!
  9. I am smart with computers (my little guy had to help me with that one. This is REALLY hard!)
  10. I am learning to be a better person. I push closer to this each day

OMG! That was extremely tough! Usually, my fingers can hardly keep up to my thoughts when I’m typing these posts! WOW!

My challenge to you – give this a try. Try to think about what makes you great! There are a lot of us that have a hard time doing this. But, I think it’s worth it to find a way to love Y.O.U.!

Share your list in the comments if you’d like!

9 thoughts on “10 Things I Love About…ME!

    1. Thanks! It is easy to talk about the ones I love, but a different story when talking about me. It was a great exercise to count my blessings, because often, I don’t think of counting the blessings I have in being the person I am.

      1. Why is it so difficult for you to find things that you love about yourself – you have SO MANY things to love. Being you little sister, I THINK I know that better than almost anyone! Just think about it for a while – you`ll see the beautiful person I (and pretty much everybody else) sees.!!!

        Love you!

      2. Aw, you are a sweetie! I’m working on it! That’s one of the reasons why I write! I don’t know if everybody loves me, but it is nice to know that some people do 😉

  1. This is indeed a harder exercise than it might at first appear. But I agree that this is extremely valuable. Loving ourselves is a vital step in cultivating a more positive life in general.

    1. It was very strange and difficult to come up with the list. I think it would have been much harder 2 years ago, when I was struggling with being more positive.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. This is great! You sound like such a lovely person from what I’ve read – just my cup of tea!

    I once knew someone who would say, “I love myself” and stretch their arms in the air. It would make me smile a lot. And why not? Why shouldn’t we all love ourselves more? As long as it’s not in a way that is hurtful to others, I can’t see anything wrong with it. In fact, I think self-love can actually free us up to love more.

    I’m glad you’re writing ‘out-loud’ too 😉

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