Operation Secret Valentine

Kelly Diels has a really fun idea – Operation Secret Valentine!

It can be a secret, or not-so-secret, like mine because I’m posting it on my blog! Surprise, surprise, eh!? My apologies for any gag-reflexes I may cause in the following adoration of my hubby!

Click here for Kelly’s post

To the Love of My Life:

A lot of people might think that I’m crazy to still be “twitter-pated” over you, even after all this time. I don’t care what they think or how dorky it sounds. I am still mad about you.

Lame as it may be, I actually still get weak in the knees when you kiss me; I mean REALLY  kiss me. And I’m so thrilled that we still take the time to kiss like that! And to hear your voice on the phone makes all my troubles vanish into thin air. We won’t go into how your absolutely gorgeous body makes me feel. Let’s just say that we still got it, babe! 😉

I wonder why I got so lucky to have found someone like that. What makes me so special?

We have had our share of troubles, but getting through them has made me love you even more.

I love you, my Italian Stallion 😉

Of course, I have to add a video:

7 thoughts on “Operation Secret Valentine

    1. Hi! Thanks so much, you are too kind! I actually setup your blog as a home page on my computer at home (I login each morning) because it always has something “uplifting” that I like to start my day with! Thanks again Jacqui!

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