The Epic Adventure Right in Front of Me

As I did dishes tonight, still high from participating in my first online #epicchat on twitter with Elizabeth and Allison that was about being epic and having adventures every day, it occurred to me that I have someone teaching me to have an epic adventure RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME…!

…and so I begin another letter for my Love Happiness Project for February, a letter to my youngest son….

My Knight in Shining Armour

To my Knight in Shining Armour,

The three of us snuggled on the bed tonight, taking turns reading from the joke books you brought home from school today. Laughing and giggling at the silliness of it all. You even made up your own joke and told your sister and I: What do you call a bug that cheats? A cheater-bug! We laughed and laughed!

Then I was doing dishes after tucking you into your camouflage bed and I thought about this Epic Adventure idea. I smiled as I thought about you and how you are always on some epic adventure in the games you play.

You see, everyone thinks that you are shy; too quiet; never speaking up. But they don’t know you as I do, my prince charming! You only answer when you feel the question is worthy of answering. You are selective in your words; only sharing that which you think is appropriate or with those you think are deserving of your words. You don’t waste time on idle chatter!

You are the most observant of my children. You notice everything. I am inspired by your attention to detail and how you can recollect things that happened years ago, and you are only 9! How do you remember these things? You don’t have to study spelling words because you just remember them! Yet you are hesitant to read aloud, because, frankly, you just want to be left to your own reading. You want to retreat into your own mind, your own adventures.

You are fierce in your protection of me. I was crying one day recently; sad and curled up on my bed, worried and wondering about my path. Your sister was a sweet and attentive nurse. You, on the other hand, were tearing up beside me, snuggling your head down into that wonderful “mom-spot” between my neck and shoulder, hiding your face so that I wouldn’t see your tears. Your little arms reached as far around me as they could and held tight. Your silent tears were what lifted me from my own sorrow to know that you cared so deeply about me that you were hurting too. How could I let you hurt for me like that?

I watch as you painstakingly set up every army guy or tiny action figure in row upon row, across the vast landscape of the green battlefields of the living room floor. They are placed strategically upon couch arms, coffee table, shelves and coasters and books all around the room.

I quietly listen to your whisperings of encouragement to your men as they tremble in fear before the coming battle. I see you line up tankers and bunkers to protect the snipers so they can perform their deadly duties.

I hear the gunshots and explosions and cries of dying men as the battle rages and you give life to the action. Men fall, vehicles tumble end over end, trees are uprooted as the war continues.

You don’t like to be noticed while you are working on these – in fact, you get quite annoyed if anyone interrupts with a question or comments on the display. Hell hath no fury as you do should anyone bump or step anywhere before the battle has begun.

For you, these games are real, they are your Epic Adventures. You are living right there with your men. They are a part of you and you of them. You are seizing that moment to just BE in that moment!

All the things I can learn from you! All the things I NEED to learn from you: your focus; your immersion in whatever you happen to be doing! The things you are able to accomplish! Your quiet dedication to your pursuits.

Help me to learn how to have my own epic adventures. Help me to not be afraid what others will think. Help me find the ability to immerse myself in my world.

The world that I am blessed to be in every day – the one right in front of me – my 3 beautiful children, my wonderful husband, and me – the person I am trying to be. You are my hero, my son. May I be good enough to be your heroine someday.

4 thoughts on “The Epic Adventure Right in Front of Me

    1. @Jacqui – Thanks for your kind words! I am lucky to have them 🙂 Writing about them helps me truly ‘see’ them!
      @my little sister – I dream of being as good a mom as you are. Thanks for thinking I’m a heroine to them tho!

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