Happiness Project Update

February comes to a close today, as do the Olympics, so I thought it appropriate to give an update post about how my Happiness Project is coming along! I believe so strongly in the idea of a Happiness Project! I thought I’d hop up on that podium too! Go CANADA Go! I believe in the power of You and I. Everyone deserves to be happy, but you have to find that happiness in yourself.

I’m not going to lie, I have had days where I’ve cried, been angry, been sad, been unhappy. But those days seem to be fewer than I used to have, or at least it seems that way. Maybe that’s been the real truth of the Happiness Project: that I perceive myself to be happier because I’m focusing on being happier, seeing the positive instead of the negative. There’s nothing wrong with that!

I can tell you that I’ve been much happier for several reasons:

  1. Continuing with my fitness focus has certainly contributed to this – on those days where I’ve been upset or annoyed, I’ve realized that exercising has given me an “out” for my frustrations. I’ve just felt better after a workout. The crap just went away!
  2. The fitness has mostly involved going with a friend or friends. That in itself has been tremendous in affecting my happiness. Being with friends exercising made it easier and way more fun! Plus, that accountability has been there.
  3. I feel better physically. I’m stronger, able to go farther and sleep better because most of my days have included physical activity.
  4. Training for the Ride to Conquer Cancer has made me feel like I am doing something to contribute to finding a cure. I’ve heard cancer news for people I know in the past couple months. This is terrible news and frustrates me and worries me that there still isn’t a cure. But at least I feel like I am helping to find that cure, so that makes me feel better.
  5. Talking and reading about love this past month has affected me the most. I have explored the reasons why I love the people I love. This has made me spend time and think about them as individuals. It has forced me to stop taking them for granted.
  6. Writing to people like my mom and dad has made them happy. Knowing that I’ve made them happy swells my heart.
  7. I think writing to the people I love has resulted in making me act differently towards them. I more conscious of showing my love towards them in my actions. This has made them happier, which in turn, has made me even happier too!
  8. Writing about love has made me laugh, cry and just plain feel. And that has made me happier than I’ve ever been.

Start your own Happiness Project! It’s a lot of fun and it really works!!

Happiness Project

Next month’s focus will be: A Cleaner House – now, that is going to be tough for me! I’ll need lots of encouragement! I am not known for a tidy house, but it sure does make me feel better when it is!

3 thoughts on “Happiness Project Update

  1. Shawna, I’m so glad your happiness project has given you so many benefits this month. I am especially interested in the connection between your physical fitness and your happiness. Mindful exercise is decidedly absent from my life right now and I wish it weren’t. I am grateful, then, for this reminder of the connection between exercise and happiness.

    1. Kristen, don’t worry about specific, mindful exercise. Focus on a little bit at a time. That might be rough-housing with your boys, running up the stairs with the laundry, parking at a far away stall at the grocery store, or stretching for 5 minutes when you wake up in the morning. Every little bit counts in my book! Each day will get a little easier to find a few minutes for you. A few minutes will turn into 15, then 30, then an hour. You will be addicted, trust me!

      Friends help with the encouragement and accountability too! Give it a try today! Just 5 minutes for today. That’s 5 minutes more than yesterday! Focus on the positive and having FUN! 🙂

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