Fresh Look at Spring

I just read a post from Scoutie Girl about Spring! She has a beautiful picture that she took of a crocus peaking through to the sun! A great way to start the day! Nicki In NY also posted some pictures of a walk through her area that she took yesterday.

Scoutie Girl asks us to think about what Spring means to us.

Here in Alberta, we have glimpses of spring several times before Spring finally arrives. The snow comes and goes with the Chinook winds. It is not a surprise to see some teenagers running around in shorts in February or March and then by the end of the week, bundled up again!

On Sunday, we went for a 50 KM ride in the country side. It was a beautiful day and a great ride. We saw some adorable calves and their protective moms as we rode. We could hear the odd bird chirping. A pair of Canadian Geese flew low looking for a patch of field with a few morsels of grain. The “early birds” can’t yet find water that isn’t frozen, I don’t think. It’s still pretty cool in the evenings for them to completely melt. It makes me feel so good to be able to get out on my bike again. The freedom I have when I ride is like no other.

Spring is rebirth and a promise of lazy summer days. It is an awakening after the long winter’s nap. It is my children’s rosy cheeks as they enjoy a crisp morning. It is smiles on strangers’ faces as they enjoy a casual stroll. It is hope to begin again. Happy Spring!

5 thoughts on “Fresh Look at Spring

  1. Spring is my most favorite time of year so thanks to you and Dale for the vivid reminder to observe and savour all the wonders of this season before summer is upon us.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! I love the pic too – I can’t take credit tho – it’s a built in wordpress theme – Misty Look by Sadish!

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