Resolutions Recap

I’m back from my “holiday” – which was just a break from the screen, more time in the “real world”.

I thought I’d take a look back at my New Year’s Resolutions and see where I’m at for the first quarter of 2010. You should revisit your goals, see where you are and maybe “recalibrate” if necessary on a regular basis.

Here’s where I’m at:

  1. My Happiness Project – I have been working on this quite regularly. I continue to read Gretchen’s book and blog for inspiration. Most of the time, I’m finding that I’m much happier. I do still have “those days”, but they are less often. April’s theme is “Lighten Up” – I’m going to be goofy, document our family memories in some fun videos, work on my quilting projects that have been calling my name, and just have FUN!
  2. Our “evil plan” – to start our own business – well, Krystal and I “officially” launched Simple Life Celebrations last week! We have content on all of our pages now, more being added every day. We want to be so much more than Party Planners and Organizers – we want to build a community and resource for busy moms (and dads) that will support and empower us all to Celebrate LIFE! I’m quite excited about this adventure! It is awesome!
  3. The Ride to Conquer Cancer – I am working hard on this too! So far, I’ve raised $470 of the $2500 goal. We’ve been training hard – spin classes twice per week and have been getting out on the road. Our longest training ride was 74 KMs, so we’re doing pretty good gearing up to the 200 in 2 days! If you want to sponsor me – click the link above. It’s the least we can do to battle this disease that touches so many!
  4. Writing and thinking about my blessings – I do this a lot, but I think I could do more of it. I don’t call my mom enough. I don’t visit my Gramma who lives just a few blocks from me.  I have more work to do here!
  5. Quality time versus Screen Time – well, that has been an issue over the past few months, partly because of us starting our business that is so much ONLINE! LOL! I have been offline a lot more in the past couple weeks. I am trying to “schedule” when I’m on and when I’m off. And when I’m off, I’m focusing on them instead of having one eye constantly checking to see what’s happening. I actually TURN OFF (shocking, I know!) the laptop! I have been aware of this issue, and I’m working hard on spending quality time with those I care about!
  6. Set an Example for my Kids about Living Life – I believe I am doing much better at this. I yell less and listen more. I am following my heart and chasing my dreams. I whine less and do more. I am pretty sure that they see that. Our home is becoming more of a sanctuary. My kids are getting out there and doing stuff instead of sitting around “bored”. They are talking to me about important things in life instead of being afraid to come to me. I’ve admitted mistakes, and they are less afraid of admitting theirs, which is a really good thing. We are learning and trusting each other. We are becoming a closer family!

Where are you at, compared to your New Year’s Resolutions? Have you stuck with them? Have they changed? How can you refocus and work on them some more? Let us know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Resolutions Recap

  1. Way to go, Shawna! You are making progress. I love when people set goals that have an ability to be measured. Frequently, people do not with New Year’s resolutions which then sets them up for failure.

    1. Thanks Nicki! I have learned that about resolutions – they have to actually be concrete and measurable! I was determined to make it a different story this year! I still have some work to do, but things are really coming along! 2010 really is the best year yet! Thanks to great people like you!

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