Easter Faith in Family

Once again, I got to spend time with family and friends this Easter. I am so thankful to have all of this around me! So many others do not.

We decorated eggs on Good Friday with Krystal and her kids – tried some new techniques and actually blew out the eggs! (Note: blowing out eggs is extremely HARD to do! Wow! I almost passed out!) Even the littlest, Noah, got in on the action! It was fun, and had some great eggs! Learned a few things from our mistakes that’ll we’ll try next year!

Coloring Eggs 2010

We picked up my Gramma on Easter Sunday and dropped her off at my Mom and Dad’s while we headed to brunch with Bruce’s Dad. It is a treat that the kids look forward to every year. It was a delicious brunch looking out over the golf course. I love it. It’s always great to spend time with Bruce’s family too.

Then, the kids were anxious to get back to the farm – all the cousins were there. They are all so close in age and are best friends. They haven’t seen each other since Christmas (bad, I know!). I was glad to see them and my siblings as well. I truly love spending time with them. They are growing up so fast!

My sister made up an awesome Easter Egg Hunt with clues like this:

  • Go to the place where you have fun, swaying back and forth in the sun
  • To the end of the driveway you must go, to the place where Papa dumps his snow
  • Next is the place where we have a fire. Don’t run too fast or you will tire!
  • To the tree-fort next you must go. Stay together now and don’t go too slow
  • Go back to tribal council, at the back door. Take off your shoes, ask Gramma for one more.

It was a beautiful day, and they were tearing all over the place, dogs chasing after them, working together to figure out the clues and find the chocolate! I forgot the camera 😦 but Shawn took a picture for me with his iPhone.

Easter Egg Hunt

It was a day of family, fun, and of course, food!

It was the perfect day to celebrate Renewal after a long winter, I bow my head and give thanks for the chance to be forgiven and to start again.

What better way to do that than with the loves of my life? A Renewal of my Faith, a Renewal of my Life; surrounded by those that will remember me when I am gone and hopefully read and tell these stories to my grandchildren and grand-nieces and nephews.

Tales of how we were together, how we loved each other, how we LIVED.

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