Mental. Physical. Resistance.

This blog post floated around in my head as Lori and I were fighting the wind on our 76 KM ride on Sunday.

Physically, resistance is tough. Our ride is not easy when it is against the wind. I am tired, I am sick of the wind, I get dust in my eyes and my teeth, my quads are questioning my sanity. I feel like calling someone to come and PICK ME UP so I don’t have to go any further. My workouts take time and energy. Time away from my family and other pursuits. I question that. I resist that.

But, I persist. I push through. I peddle and peddle and gradually the miles disappear. I keep going. I know that, yes, I just went 76 kms on my bike. I will go more than 200 kms ON MY BIKE. That is not a small task and there are going to be times where I will want to quit. Where I will want to hop into that van and drive to camp. But, in the end, I know what I will gain from persisting. I know who I am and what I’ve accomplished. It will be so worth it.

I was thinking about this in regards to our business too. Krystal and I came up against some critical resistance. These were the voices in our heads that said – “this is crazy” or “they don’t get it” or “why is no one talking” or “why are we doing this, there’s so much work to do”. Who are these voices? Who are they that resist us doing something “out there” or something new?

These voices are our fears, our doubts, our “common sense” that question us going out on a limb. They are the voices we grew up with, telling us to make money the “regular” way and look after our everyone else before we look after ourselves. The voices of the martyrs before us.

I am tired of listening to those voices. I’m tired of the doubts. I’m tired of complaining about it instead of changing it. I’m tired of the resistance to following my heart. They can push back and tell me I’m crazy or that it’s not good enough or that it’s not what I should be doing.

But in the end, I will change anyway. I will be TRUE to ME if I persist past those doubts, past the wind and the rain, just keep peddling and peddling and suddenly the sun will be shining on my face and the wind will be at my back and I will FLY.

The Borg in Star Trek say, “Resistance is Futile”. Yep, it is.

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