Pity Party

Ok, so I’ve been in a bit of a funk for a few days, reaching the lovely summit of me crying in my boss’ office yesterday over some “dumb-ass shit” as I am affectionately calling it today.

I believe I whined a total of 50 times yesterday alone, including statements like: “I feel like running away, only my knee hurts”, “lost my mojo”  & the gold medal statement that went something along the lines of “no one understands me”. GAG ME!

A pretty big Pity Party was being held in my honor!

My knee has been bugging me for a little over a week, and I’ve been refusing to rest it. It really hurt in spin yesterday, and on top of the mood I was in, I was pretty upset and had to leave the gym. Riding is EXTREMELY important to me right now, so this was the final straw for me yesterday. I hit rock bottom.

Nothing could shake it. A great email from a friend, trying to cheer me up because she was concerned. BFF conversation was just me whining – poor girl. I couldn’t get excited about my kids and their gymnastics achievements that I went to see. I just shrugged and nodded at the 2 new bearded dragons that my husband surprised the kids with. I was just “there” at my meeting that I went to for one of the groups I strongly believe in. The staff recognition awards that were given out didn’t make me smile; all I could think about was “Jeez, at least one company TRULY values their employees”. It just pissed me off!

I got up this morning and was in a similar mood, but I at least wanted to kick it. So, I opened my laptop and opened TweetDeck – my fix.

This was the first post I read: Unexpected LoveBomb from @HeatherattheEO tweeting about @LoveFeast new post (who I am now following too) – I just flipped back and several other twitter friends are reading this post too – another sign that I was meant to see this post THIS morning.

It is a kick in the butt for me for several reasons:

  1. It is a feel good story about someone doing the right thing and treating others with respect and dignity – a lesson to us all
  2. These two homeless kids want to be together so badly that they are on the street. I have the love of my life in my nice warm bed every night.
  3. We can’t solve every problem, but there are SOME things that we can do to make the situation better. Instead of sitting here feeling sorry for myself about what I CAN”T DO, I need to consider all the things – and some are GREAT things – that I CAN DO

I say again how amazing it is that if you open your mind and heart to possibilities, the Universe will find a way to speak to you. That happened this morning. I was meant to read this post this morning because it was what I needed. Thank you Universe and Thank you Chris Ann and Kristin at LoveFeast Table

4 thoughts on “Pity Party

  1. You totally made me tear up!! To think that a little LoveBombing can have rippling effects that reach greater then I ever thought…well, it just goes to show, I need to listen and react to those situations more often!! Thanks for sharing how it effected you and I do hope your mojo is changing…and the sun comes out today!! ( I was there this winter, in the dark…I promise, the sun always comes up!!)
    Thanks for joining us at the Table!

  2. thanks for visiting today! i hold pity parties for myself, too. i guess it’s part of the process. good for you for paying attention and recognizing warmth and inspiration when it said “hello”.

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