Songs of My Heart

Today, I’ve been thinking about a few songs that I’ve heard recently. I had been meaning to load them on my iPod, so I’m doing that tonight. It’s been awhile since I’ve shared any songs with you.

Trace Adkins – All I Ask For Anymore

This video makes me cry because I take my family for granted. They are right here with me. Trace’s reflection of what used to be important to him and what is important now is such an important reminder.

Help Me Out – Suzie McNeil

Can´t go back to where you´re from
´Cause baby you´re not fooling anyone
So don´t be sorry now for the damage done.

Less is less and more is more
And baby don´t keep standing at the door
´Cause you may never know what you´re waiting for.

This song has a really fun beat, but these lyrics hit too. You can’t go back and change the past, all you can do is move forward. Just standing there doing nothing doesn’t help anything.

Running – Jully Black

This song has such a powerful message for all of us – “Running for the Right” – “Running for the Fight” – “Liberty and Freedom” – Stop Hiding and Denying

What Faith Can Do – Kutlass

Faith. I needed this song this week and it’s message. Watch the video and read the words.

I’ll bet it has something that you need to hear too. 🙂 <>

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