Plain Ol’ Happiness

I sit here on the grass, sun beating down on my back – heat from a long absent sun. A caressing breeze flutters the scrap of paper I write on. At last, a gorgeous spring evening after so many grey days.

I consider Happiness. Simple. Everyday. Happiness.

My daughter here, learning to play a game I love; I’ve always loved this game of baseball. It was the only game I was ever really good at. Happiness. The game that I spent so many hours playing with my brother, just the two of us. The quiet back and forth; smack of ball in soft leather. Back and forth. Over and over. Happiness. I remember hours shared in the company of my patient brother. Few words. Sharing a love. Happiness.

I look out at that girl; so tall and lanky among the others; wearing her brother’s ball cap, pony-tail sticking out the back. Happiness. No fashion show, no boys to impress, no bickering. Just a game. Played in the sun on a gorgeous spring evening. Happiness.

There is a father nearby, playing tag with another little girl; giggles echoing through the breeze. No cell phone chirps to interrupt their play as they head to the park. Hand in hand. Happiness.

Incredibly, from where I sit, I can see fields and horses – foals sprinting; tails held high as they race. Surely, they are in high spirits brought on by that welcome sunshine. Happiness.

In the distance, I actually hear the songs of frogs. I never noticed them before. Happiness. Among them, the sound of robins and the churning of a nearby feed mill. I hear the clink of ball hitting aluminum bat and players calling to each other. Happiness. And now, a pair of Canada Geese honking, disturbed from where they were feeding. A train rattles by, filled to the brim, signs of prosperity in uncertain times. Happiness.

She holds a bat now…I can see her look of concentration…That “tongue-sticking-out-thing” that she gets from me…Trying so hard to figure this out…Her swings are faster…stronger now, after a little coaching…Determination I see in those eyes. Happiness. Oh!…So close now!…The bat sweeps straight across; barely missing!…Another pitch…Yes!!!…It skims along the red shale toward first base…an out…but still…a HIT! Happiness.

The wind picks up a bit, and I can feel a sprinkling of rain; but the sun shines on. The girls spot a rainbow over the diamond and it distracts them for a bit. They exclaim to each other. Happiness. Sheer joy at just seeing a rainbow. They don’t notice the temperature drop as they chatter and laugh and toss the ball back and forth. Happiness.

A splot of  rain on my piece of paper. Or is it a tear? Happiness.


24 thoughts on “Plain Ol’ Happiness

    1. Tom, Thank you so much for stopping by! It’s always the simple things in life in the end that are the most important. I’m slowly figuring that out!

  1. I so want to be with you and experiencing all those sounds and sights of nature and spring! I too LOVE to throw a baseball back and forth. It is rhythmic and soothing. Words are not needed. What a beautiful vision of happiness. You made me smile. Thank You.

    I am visiting for Five for Ten!

    1. I hope someday we can toss that ball back and forth! I am so glad you enjoyed the vision – I sat there at first, and realized all that was right there in front of me and ran to get pen and paper from the car!

      I am ever so thankful for FiveForTen – so many new friends and great blogs to read. It is intoxicating!

  2. I like the weaving of “happiness” between sentences and description of moments in your post. Just like the happiness in real life. It’s not just in the header or the last paragraph with which to punctuate this piece; it’s a little bit here, a little bit there, it’s everywhere. As long as you open your eyes and see, it’s there.

    Savor these moments – you’re so blessed that it’s plentiful in your life.

    1. It is everywhere, Justine – it’s just hard to see sometimes until we are


      and there it is! 🙂

    1. It’s the simple things in the end, isn’t it! 🙂 I loved writing on paper last night – it’s been awhile!

  3. I love that happiness made you cry. Such an intense feeling. You sound so present. Good for you.

    There is nothing better than baseball. Hotdogs and baseballs. and the best player on my son’s team, the pretty girl with the long pony tail. Happiness.

    1. Great! Terry, now you made me cry again! Don’t know where that came from – I guess “the pretty girl with the long pony tail” – she really is my whole world!

      Her brothers aren’t so bad either 😉

    1. Thank you Kelly – Life just struck me last night while I sat there. I ran to the car to get a piece of paper & pen to capture it – it is amazing what is out there when we just look for it!

  4. Love the ending of your happiness story. There is nothing better than plain ol happiness. I tell my husband that all the time when I order vanilla ice cream. It makes me happy.

  5. So sweet. You paint a great picture. Playing, laughing, just being – it’s pure. What a blessing that you’re able to recognize and enjoy it all for what it is!

  6. I played softball for years and really, I can’t remember things from my past that brought me such easy happiness. Outdoor fun. Competitive spirit. Feeling the pride of a team working together. The satisfaction of hitting the ball and catching one too.

    I hope to enjoy times like these with my kids in the near future. The real, pure joys of outdoor fun. It doesn’t get happier than that.

    thank you for this perspective – I truly enjoyed it.

  7. I love the emotion of this. I can feel the air. I can see the baseball. The horses. The ponytail beneath the cap. Your writing is gorgeous. And for me? It would be a tear. Long before the rain.

  8. I have a good friend who was a baseball player. He has spent years trying to convince me that I would love the game. His years of trying barely add up to the beautiful post I just read. It was intoxicating and almost convinced me that I may be missing something. AND you have a great name 😉

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