Do You Hear the Music?

My note from the Universe today:

Some just hear the music their entire life long, Shawna.

It’s playing right now.
Dute da dute…
The Universe

I hear it! Yes, there it is!

  • The belly giggles of my children
  • Songs of the soul
  • Raindrops on a tent roof
  • The whir of hummingbird wings
  • Rustling leaves on the trees
  • Violin strings
  • A river roars over the falls
  • Pounding of his heart, so close to mine
  • Quiet, crisp air of winter’s breath
  • Early morning tweets of the robin
  • The crunch of forest floor under my feet
  • Tender voices of sisters gathered ’round
  • Crackling of campfire deep in the night
  • Hum of bike tires on smooth pavement
  • Whisper of my name in the wind, urging me on

I hear it! Yes, there it is!

5 thoughts on “Do You Hear the Music?

    1. It’s one of my favorite songs – Lori sent it to me awhile ago. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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