How I’ve Missed Thee

I asked a friend today how she deals with all the “stuff” that’s piling up. How does she deal with the overwhelm?

I’ve been burning the candle at both ends over the past 2 weeks, and Saturday, I came crashing down. Literally, I could not stay awake on the couch after getting up at like NOON, I was still beyond exhaustion! Thankfully, (again, I am sooooo thankful) my husband and kids allowed me the luxury of lounging on the couch like that. It was actually cool when these long legged kids would take turns snuggling in there with me. I liked that! I went to bed early that night as well.

I asked the question of her, because I admire her “together-all-the-time-ness”! How does she do it? Of course, she admitted that sometimes she has trouble with the overwhelm too. That in itself was a relief.

One thing that does help me, is my connection with my blog and my blogging friends. I have pretty much been off-the-radar for all this time (though not offline) because of focusing on my business stuff and a big event that we just helped put on.

Part of my support for the overwhelm is this community. Oh, how I’ve missed thee! Just being here, typing this (though not a good post at all!) just brings me such peace. Listening to the tweets from TweetDeck and checking out a few things has been so therapeutic this past hour. I long to pop into A Conversational Space tonight with Ronna, but I don’t quite have enough time for that tonight. There is a ton of other stuff I want to dive into again right away, but that will have to wait – but Oh, How I’ve Missed Thee…

Tonight, I have a romantic evening planned for my love and me – How I’ve missed him! He’s been here, helping, supporting, but I’ve been neglecting us too. Not tonight.

That was my friend’s advice today – just continue on, a little bit at a time. Don’t worry about all that you can’t do, focus on what you can.

And so my friends, How I’ve Missed Thee; I will be doing what I can, whenever I can! A little bit at a time! You are all so very important to me!

3 thoughts on “How I’ve Missed Thee

  1. First, welcome back! Sounds like you have a fantastic, loving family. Sometimes mama just needs to rest and I’m always thankful for gift of those sleep in, relaxing days.

    And secondly, Oh, how I hear you!! I’ve been there recently, too, and just posted for the first time in almost two weeks (TWO WEEKS!!). I’ve missed my blogging community and the energy it gives me. I have – I hope – put some plans in place that will help me avoid the overwhelm going forward. Or, at the very least, avoid it to the extent that it hit me last week.

    1. Thanks Missy!

      What is it about lately and the crazy busy-ness?? Blogging is therapy though, isn’t it! Hang in there sister!

  2. Well, you know I share your feelings 100%! And I’m smiling because I also recently asked a “with-it” friend how she managed to do it all and she laughed in my face. She feels as at sea as I do. So I suspect that we are not alone in wondering how to balance everything that we must do and everything we want to do.

    But isn’t it nice to know that you can take some time away from this world and it’s still here, waiting for you with open arms?

    I hope you enjoyed some quality time with your sweetie. (I took last night away from the computer to hang out with my husband. Always the right choice, I find!)

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