Cafe Cevraini – 10 Daily Things!

I was just inspired by my good friends over at Momalom to write a list of 10 things that happen daily at Cafe Cevraini!

This is a list of ten things that happen pretty much every day at our house:

  1. A hot latte waiting for me when I step out of the shower – delivered by a hot Italian!
  2. My daughter asking “What’s the high today?” before she chooses her wardrobe – a 15 minute process!
  3. An invasion of aliens, Star Wars guys, Halo dudes or some other creatures – with me often stepping on someone or moving them off the kitchen table!
  4. My beloved making lunches because I absolutely HATE doing it!
  5. Twirping sounds from my Tweetdeck and me checking to see what’s up in the blogosphere
  6. Me stepping on something on the kitchen floor in my bare feet and wondering, “What the h#$* IS that, anyway?”
  7. Snuggles, hugs and kisses abound from every direction – hugs make everything alright, no matter what the day brought!
  8. Arguments about whether so-and-so brushed their teeth or not; including hot breath in the face as “proof” – lovely…..
  9. Me tripping and cursing over a dog or two in the way when I’ve taken my contacts out and trying to find my glasses – which never seem to be in the same place twice!
  10. Tuck in the covers, butterfly kisses, a bedtime book or two, lights out and falling asleep with a least some part of our bodies touching each other, making sure we will be together in dreamland…

What are 10 things that happen at your house every day?

2 thoughts on “Cafe Cevraini – 10 Daily Things!

  1. Oh, thank you for this! I loved reading someone else’s daily things. The scummy kitchen floor–I’m right there with you. Why is it always grape jelly. Or regurgitated bagel. Ew. Also, hugs. Yes to hugs. Always. Cheers!

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