Why I Will Ride Next Weekend

Lori and I are riding next weekend in The Ride to Conquer Cancer.

I’ve been thinking a lot of the people I ride for:

  1. My Dad – still cancer free after a diagnosis 20 years ago – I pray he will stay that way.
  2. Young moms like Anita Wright, taken too soon.
  3. Connie Hubley – still fighting hard, still smiling when she comes and visits me here at the College. She misses us, and we miss her.
  4. My cousin, Bradley, who never got to be a teenager, but was so excited to have held my baby boy who is now a teenager himself.
  5. Danny – a boy I grew up with that had Leukemia who fought long enough to marry his true love; and passed away quietly in her arms.
  6. My daughter’s little friend’s young mom who is still fighting breast cancer after being diagnosed only months after her 3rd child was born.
  7. Friends here at the College, fighting every day. The pain in my legs when I ride is nothing compared to theirs.
  8. My mother and grandmother – may they never have to go through what so many other mothers and grandmothers do.
  9. My children so that one day they will live in a cancer-free world.
  10. Too many others to list, I think of them all. There are far too many. The statistic I heard the other day, “1 in 2 people will hear the words: You have cancer” That has to change. And I intend to help make that change.

We are still gathering donations to take with us. You can click the link above and donate or let me know and I will take your donation or put it in online for you.

We have ribbons that we would like to offer each donor so that you can put a name on and we will wear them and carry them with us on our 200 KM ride next weekend.

We will ride for them and for you too.

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