Happy Birthday Mom

Today is my mom’s birthday! I wrote the post “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar” awhile ago, and I’m writing this one for her too! Happy Birthday Mom!

I spent the afternoon out at the farm yesterday. It was Father’s Day and as usual, I was disorganized and didn’t have much of a plan. As usual, my mom stepped in to take care of the day – she knew just what to do; so we went out there.

A Beautiful Evening

It was so beautiful – perfect weather, a perfect day. I was immediately barefoot in the grass (I love doing that and that is the only place I can). We played ball with my dad, just like the old days, he’s always so patient in his time that he spends with me and especially my kids. We had supper out on the deck. We visited and told stories. I chatted comfortably with my mom and gramma. I need to do that a lot more often!

Anyway, it was the Best Day. So Mom, I dedicate this Taylor Swift song to you. There are so many Best Days when I get to be with you. Thanks for always being there and being the Best Mom. I love you and Happy Birthday!

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