Seeking Significance

I just read another fine post from Becoming Minimalist: Stop Chasing Success. Seek Significance Joshua Becker talks about the limitations of success: how it is affected by the economy, how it ends the day you die, and how it never seems to be enough. In turn, he also talks about the benefits of significance: it lasts past your time, it carries on to the next and the next person, and it satisfies your very soul.

This is a big part of my Happiness Project. I desire less “stuff” and I’ve been trying to BE more. I talk a lot of this here in my blog. My Happiness Project is 6 months old, so I thought I’d revisit how Seeking Significance has affected my Happiness. I’ll break it down following Joshua’s practical steps from his post:

  1. Realize that Life Won’t Last Forever – this has been a big thing for me. I’ve noticed that I take more time to just be there in the moment when the moment happens. I’ve tried hard to “stop and smell the flowers”. I’ve begun to notice the little things. I’ve done silly things like take off to Montana on a whim with my family.
  2. Live a Life Worth Copying – this is one of the reasons that I write this blog. It is one of the reasons that I did the Ride to Conquer Cancer. It is why I try so hard to be a good friend and help strangers. It is why I share about my belief in God on this blog and on Facebook. I want to be an example; I want to inspire others to search for significance in their own lives. Even if I inspire just one person to say a kind word to another, then my life is worth living.
  3. Focus on People, not Dollars – this is extremely important to me. I am tired of working for a living. I want to work for a life. I want to be somewhere where the business focuses on the people, not the bottom line. That’s what I believe in. I don’t worry about my job anymore, I spend the time with those I care about instead. My job no longer controls me.
  4. Start with One Solitary Person – I have often helped strangers in the past; that’s how I was raised. However, I am taking more time to smile at complete strangers and ask them how they are and listen for the answer. I give up my place in line at the grocery store. I hold the door for someone. I bring a coffee or flowers to a friend. I say thank you to my kids and my husband. Little things that add up.
  5. Find a Career Outside Your Job – my new business adventure – Simple Life Celebrations – is all about helping people. Really helping people, and I get to do it with my best friend! I can’t tell you how wonderful it makes me feel. How much it inspires me and makes me crave so much more. Not for money, but for being able to do what I really love to do.
  6. Realize that Significance is not Dependent on Success – I’ve stopped saying, “Wouldn’t it be great if...” or “Once we have more money….” and “When the kids are older, we’ll….” – I’m so tired of waiting for that day. I make things happen now. Not tomorrow, not next week, now. Today, I can make a difference.
  7. Reduce Your Expenses – We’re eating out less, we’re going down to one car, we’re planning ahead, we’re finding cheaper ways to enjoy time together. We’re realizing it isn’t about the “stuff” we have, it’s about the quality time and being together.
  8. Read Biographies of People Who Sought Significance Rather Than Success – I read so many inspiring blogs and books from so many great writers that inspire me to be more than I am. My blogroll on the right side of this post is such a small example of the blogs that I follow. There are literally so many more. I don’t watch the news because of the doom and gloom. I read the stories about the great things that we human beings have accomplished. There are a lot of great things happening, each day. I truly believe that each of us can make a difference, one day at a time.

I certainly have a long way to go in seeking significance. But, each day, I am closer. How has Seeking Significance changed your life? Share in the comments.

As always, a song to share:

“I want to be remembered for the love I spread around” – my favorite line in this song.

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