I read a post from Ronna last week: What Are the Stories You’d Like to Hear and it got me thinking about stories. It got me thinking about a lot of things! Ronna’s great at making me do that 😉

What are the stories I’d Like to Hear:

  1. Stories of a single mom who thinks that she is not good enough to be a mom, but turns out to be a great mom after all
  2. Stories of a woman who thinks that she will never find Mr. Perfect, but ends up finding Mr. Not-So-Perfect-But-Will-Love-You-Forever instead
  3. Stories of the small town girl who dreams big and follows her heart, no matter what everyone else says she should/shouldn’t do
  4. Stories of Faith and God and the Universe that don’t involve fire & brimstone but tell of God’s love for her children and that heaven is right here, right now, right in front of us if we would just open our eyes and believe in it.
  5. Stories of women who are not martyrs; who give, try, love, laugh, cry, trip and fall, give up, try again. Who believe that every day is a chance to start over
  6. Stories of people that open their hearts to each other, letting go of fear and find out about all the greatness that life holds for each of them
  7. Stories of weapons laid down, differences overcome, eyes and minds opened, forgiveness given. Of a world where money is not power and we are brothers and sisters; all of us

These are just some of the stories I’ve been searching for, finding, writing, reading. I am still an infant as far as stories go…Some questions are answered, so many are not. I have faith that the stories will grow in the telling & that there are so many more to come!

Thanks Ronna!

One thought on “Stories

  1. Well, you’re welcome, of course, Shawna; but more, thank you! This list of stories you want to hear is beyond beautiful and SO worth telling/writing/living! I have no doubt you will – and I can hardly wait to read them!!!

    ‘Appreciate you!

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