Fairmont – Day One

Today we headed out for our family vacation! It was a hazy day as we headed to the mountains and our much needed break!

Our car was not as loaded down as it normally would have been because we decided to pack minimally this time – one small bag each kid & one large bag for the two of us. Plus, we took one cooler & one large grocery bag of groceries for the week. Just a trunk full. The kids actually had room in the back instead of being buried under stuff!

Anyway, four and a half hours later, we arrived at Fairmont. I was thankful of the minimalist packing because it didn’t take long at all to unpack either! Awesome!

We all crowded around the table and highlighted the resort’s activities that we’re each interested in! We then headed out for a walk up the hill in search of supper and milk & eggs.

After some Greek food, we found a coffee shop with gelato for dessert. Plus, lattes for us sometime this week! Wahoo! We met a local artist that has a really fun store that features her work & others. We’ll be heading back there later in the week!

Back “home”, Rebecca & I tried out the huge soaker tub! Now we’re curled up in PJ’s hanging out. We’ve had a long drive and are glad to be here! More tomorrow!

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