Sick Kid, Pouty Mama!

Why do kids think they have to wake you up to tell you they are going to puke? Like you won’t hear it?!! LOL!!

The poor little man had been coughing half the night & I was fretting about it because we were far from home and cough medicine. All I had was Tylenol. His little voice croaked “I want to go home!” as he wretched over the toilet.

Thankfully, he felt better after he’d been sick and just wanted to go back to sleep. We slept a little longer until Rebecca woke everyone up again. It was another rainy looking day, so Bruce suggested we go into Invermere for the day! I did not want to go shopping, I wanted to enjoy DOING something and I didn’t think that shopping was it! 😦

I was in a pout then, from lack of sleep, feeling helpless because I had a sick kid far from the comforts of home and because I hadn’t done anything that I wanted to do yet.

Everyone else wanted to go, and I realized that I was making the kids feel bad by being upset. I got a big hug from all of them, I apologized and we headed out.

With a better attitude (I mean, if Lucas could try to have fun while feeling like crap, I certainly could stop being a baby! Sheesh!)

The rain poured as we drove but the mountains were beautiful in the mist! The rain let up as we explored the shops.

We found an awesome local bakery & bought some amazing bread for dinner. There were gift and artisan shops (my kids love checking out homemade crafts and art work much to my pleasure since it’s one of my favorite things to do!) We picked up a new word game to try and a cool RC helicopter in a toy store called “A Monkey’s Uncle”!

They let me browse a creepy old book cellar, another of my favorite things! Then off we went to discover a fossil and precious stones shop. The kind where they welcome kids and have lots of cool rocks for collections and geodes to ooh and aahh over! Not to mention shark tooth fossils!

Lucas started to run out of steam, so we headed back home after picking up a couple groceries. The sky opened up again as we drove – perfect timing!

Lucas had a nap and then we all tried out & loved our new word game. Everyone pitched in as we created a big steak dinner!

Another quiet night curling up with a movie and our books. The shopping trip that I was dreading turned out pretty darn cool and we spent some really good quality time together. I’m pretty red-faced for thinking the worst. Just goes to show that attitude is everything.

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