A Winner in Fairmont Day 4

Writing on a real keyboard at the moment! I may be getting “iPhone thumb” LOL!

The clouds were grey again this morning, but we didn’t let it damper our spirits any! We’ve been getting up relatively early, and this morning was no different. We’ve been trying to get signed up for Archery (which is what Lucas wants to do most, but it is always full!) We’ll try again in the morning – we did talk to one of the directors and he mentioned that he would do another session if we still don’t have any luck tomorrow. We’ll get down there bright and early at 8 a.m.!

Bruce and I planned on doing boot camp this morning while the kids played “fuze ball” (sp?) and pool at the Rec Centre. Bruce was surprised at what a tough workout that is! That’s what I’ve been trying to tell him! We know how to workout!

After that, Rebecca had a Bath Basket class that she enjoyed immensely! The boys hung out and buzzed that little helicopter all over the place! We had another big lunch at “home” (I’m eating A LOT! here, but holiday calories don’t count, right!?) All of us headed back to the Rec Centre for Bingo! Rebecca promptly won the first two games!! She was pretty excited!

We popped up to the grocery store for some necessities and visited our new favorite artisan shop. Rebecca is fascinated by the owner/creator’s work on porcelain and glass. We’re going to give it a try ourselves back at home. Then, we had to stop in and get our new favorite dessert (yes, before supper!) – gelato (and an iced capp for me – not Timmies, the good stuff instead!)

There was a Sangria party back at the Rec Centre for an “appetizer bevy” just before supper. We managed to sneak in a chocolate chip cookie too! Told you I was eating a lot! After all that, we still managed to eat another big supper at home and are just hanging out, letting the day “digest”.

We’ll likely play the new game “Pick Two” again tonight since everyone had so much fun with it yesterday and then we’ll get to bed and head off for a hike in the morning! We’re hoping to get more sun tomorrow so that we can hit the pool!

Overall, the day was really a “Winner” in memories for everyone. That’s the important thing, right?

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