Time for Me – Fairmont Day 5

Yesterday was day 5 in Fairmont. The day started with the sun shining, so that was exciting!

Bruce rushed down to the rec centre to try to get Lucas into the elusive archery activity! Finally! success!

So the two of them did that while Rebecca enjoyed the quiet without her brother bugging her! I spent the time cleaning up our ‘home’ (which wasn’t much because we’ve been keeping it tidy).

Then, I had time to myself on the deck! I began to write! I was so excited! I got to work on something that I’ve been needing reclusive time for! I loved it! I wanted more!

After lunch, we headed up to the water park to enjoy the sun. It was refreshing swimming in an outdoor pool again like we did when we were kids!

Our evening plans were to pig out on the local pizza and watch movies – yes, I know, we can do that at home. But it’s something we love to do as a family, so we did it!

In between things, I did spend time writing and reading on my iPhone. Lucas and Rebecca commented about that. I decided that I needed to explain right now about what I’m trying to do.

So, we sat and had a family meeting. I explained about why I wanted to work on my business stuff. I told them how much I wanted to be working from home instead of leaving them everyday.

I talked about why I love to write and to create things and help people. I reminded them about all the stuff that I’d been doing with them and that sometimes I wanted to do my own thing too.

Most of all, I reminded them how much I love them and that if I’m not paying enough attention to them that they could tell me. That I might need their help sometimes because I know that I make mistakes.

They were ok after that. I realized that I should have had that conversation with them a long time ago. Sorry guys!

I’m up first this morning, reading and writing again. Hope to go for a hike today.

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