Mosquito Bite Hike on Day 6

I’m behind on my posts again, but that just means that I’m not glued to my iPhone!

Yesterday morning, Bruce & I left the kids watching cartoons while we went up the hill for a pail of water…ha! ha! I mean, a wonderful cup of coffee at Smoking Water Coffee Co.

We enjoyed the time sipping and talking. My mind is full of ideas because of the downtime I had this week. It was much needed! We still need each other’s company, that’s for sure.

We then went for a quick drive and did some ‘dream-building’ – both of us want to live in B.C. someday soon.

We took the kids up to the “secret” waterfall up by the hot springs. We hiked down past the falls and explored the nearby forest a little. I forgot the bug spray-thus, we’re referring to this hike as the Mosquito Bite Hike!! 🙂

After ice cream, we headed down again to the rec centre and attempted the Knot Tying class! We all really enjoyed it and learned a few things!

Rebecca and I had been wanting to try out tennis, so she and I headed down to the courts. Clouds were looming in the north, but I thought we’d have time.

Well, 20 minutes later, we were fighting our way back up the hill against the almost driving rain! Frantically trying to get back before the downpour! We were both laughing as the boys urged us on from the deck above us!

We made it indoors just before the sky let loose! We got changed and warmed up by the fireplace. The perfect supper for the rainy night was the ready made stew that we’d brought along!

The power flickered off and the cable went out, so we watched a movie and went to bed early – seemed like a good idea since the kids were fighting and I was annoyed at them for it.

Today – Day 7 – we had a big breakfast to use up stuff in the fridge. Our plan was to hit the pool for a few hours.

Well, our perfect timing worked for us again. We got pool side lounge chairs because the clouds were still hovering. I wasn’t sure if the pool would be cold but when we hit the water, it was surprisingly warm!

The sun came out and we had a great time in and out of the pool! I did some reading and formed the next blog post in my head while watching my husband and children play.

Stayed tuned for that next!

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