Growing Up

As usual, the Universe is working (you must get tired of me saying that!) After a long day yesterday and a grumpy post, I read the FB stream this morning and saw a note about joining a 30 Days of Creativity Challenge! Exactly what I needed! A boost to my creativity that always brings me happiness! What a great way to get going again!

So, here is my first day, September 1, a poem about my two youngest:

Growing Up

Tomorrow, another year of school
I steal a glance at the two
Heads bent together, concentrating
So close, they are, sometimes

I have a picture of those same faces
Side by side, deep in thought
Long before these school days
What became of those chubby cheeks?

Gnawing away on those “suckies”
One playing with his hair, so sleepy
His sister right by his side, best friends
Fresh from a bath, winding down the day

Now though, 4 long legs stretch out
Fresh and clean for the new school year
She brushes and combs her hair herself these days
And he doesn’t need me to turn on the shower

I blinked, you see, my eyes were shut tight
And suddenly, they grew, it seems, overnight
From soft, cherub cheeks to pre-teen angst
Wait my angels! Don’t leave me behind!

Smiles, a wave, and if I’m lucky, even a hug
And off they will go, somewhere that I can’t follow
But, despite my tears, my heart will swell with pride
I will remember, I will pray; that they are growing up.

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