Daydream Believer

Yes, I’m totally dating myself by sharing this video from Anne Murray (we totally had this record!) It just kept popping into my head all weekend and again today in the shower!! Crazy!

Daydream Believer:

As I rode to work today in the little bit of drizzling rain that came down, I thought about Daydreaming. I didn’t even notice the rain. We grown-ups don’t daydream enough. I have tried to stop giving my daughter trouble when I catch her daydreaming. I try to emulate her now instead.

That’s one of the reasons why I like to ride to/from work, I don’t think about the day. I don’t even really think, really. I notice the birds, I notice the changes in the town or the weather, in people’s yards or the people and vehicles that pass me by. I don’t usually go the same route each day or even to and from. I like to “mix it up”.

I find myself daydreaming about things to come, ideas I have, places I’ll go. Before, I would have been in my car, tense, fretting about stuff I’ve said/not said, things I forgot, to-do lists, stuff other people said, etc. I would desperately turn on the radio to quiet my brain and often songs would come on that would make me stop  and pause for a bit. Pushing me to SETTLE….RELAX….I finally get it!

That’s what I was thinking about today – daydreaming – and how I find myself doing this more and more. Finding time to just be quiet. To just listen. To just observe. To just BE.

Whatever happened to us as we grew up? Why did we stop daydreaming? Was it the responsibilities? Was it the pressures? Was it because everyone told us to “stop daydreaming and get to work”? Why?

How can we really “work” if we’re not doing it for a reason? Mindless drones, day after day? When was the last time you really had a daydream? Just let your mind wander where it wanted to?

Stop! Stop right now! Just let yourself drift away…Breathe…Relax…Smile…See those things you used to see when you were little! It’s OK! It’s not weird or a waste of time!

Be the Daydream Believer and the Homecoming Queen! Why not!? What is there to lose?

My note from the Universe today says it all as well:

If suddenly and without warning, Shawna, you had absolutely nothing to worry about, do you know what the world would begin to look like?
Un-huh, exactly the same as it does right now.
Alright, if suddenly you had absolutely nothing to be afraid of, do you know what you’d begin to look like right now?
Yeah, cool as ever.
OK, OK. If suddenly you had absolutely no expectations to live up to and no one to disappoint, do you know how free you’d suddenly be?
Yeah, same, same.
Get it? The only thing that would really change is your thoughts. And you don’t need circumstances or other people to help you with that, do you?
I say it’s time to blow the lid off this popsicle stand –
The Universe

2 thoughts on “Daydream Believer

  1. Now that little ditty makes me giggle. But you are right–when do we stop thinking it’s okay to let our minds take us places?

    My older daughter lives in her head; in all honesty, a lot of the time, it worries me. But I’m thankful to you for the reminder that it isn’t always a bad thing to be swept away. The ground is hard enough as it is; why stay there all the time?

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