Fast Cars and Freedom

Heart pounding in my chest, wanting to break free

Lungs breathing fire into the crisp, Fall air

Wind howling past my ears, whispering timeless wisdom

Legs burning, pushing faster and faster up the hill

Mist on my eyelashes, rainbows in the sunlight

Fingers still numb from the cold, frantically typing these words

Thoughts whirling through my mind, aching to find a place to land

WHY do I choose this?….

Because My Heart is strong, it has never been stronger, yet I am older

Because My Lungs are pink and healthy and both still there, whole and able

Because My Ears can hear the wind, my children’s laughter, my lover’s whispers

Because My Legs can move me, wherever I desire, up and down, on and on without stopping

Because My Eyes can see beauty all around me, a friend’s smile, a flower’s bloom

Because My Fingers can feel a tear rolling down a soft cheek, shake a stranger’s hand

Because My Mind is full, anxious to share: thoughts, dreams, feelings and can form the words

Because…Because….I CAN.

This morning’s inspiration in music:

Have a beautiful day!

5 thoughts on “Fast Cars and Freedom

    1. I am now


      a car (made that crazy decision!) so I ride my bike to work (it’s only a 2 1/2 km ride) so it was an invigorating ride today! My “fast car” has become my bike and it is such freedom; I care barely describe it! (Though I try, obviously! LOL)

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