Jello for Breakfast

The kids are having Jello for breakfast! My hubby was surprised when I said yes when they asked me.

They are playing a game on the computer. I’m letting them do that to.

Rebecca promised her brother some candy at the pool. I only slightly raised an eyebrow.

Why am I allowing these atrocities? Shocking?! What terrible things for a mother to allow?!

Here’s why:

1. They made the jello themselves last night and had been patiently (yes! patiently!) waiting to try it. They made it with sugar free Sprite to “try to be healthier”! I think they deserve a little treat for their efforts! Besides, then they ate cereal that they got themselves without me saying a word.

2. They are playing this game Cooperatively and Together! In fact, Lucas is teaching his sister how to play! They are not fighting. They are not arguing. In fact, it’s quite peaceful at the moment! Again, I think this is a good thing!

3. About the candy…a half hour ago, Lucas was upset about having to go swimming today. His sister told him that she would go too and that she would spend her OWN money and get him a candy from those machines and did that make him feel better? He ran off and got ready even though we don’t have to go for 2 hours yet! I had nothing to do with this exchange. I was impressed by Rebecca’s compassion & charity that she is showing her brother!

4. It’s Saturday and perfectionism sucks! What is the big deal? This doesn’t happen all the time and the little peak into lessons learned is WAY more important to me!

So, a little bit of jello for breakfast and some great life lessons!!! Not a bad way to start of the Thanksgiving weekend!?

What are you guys up to today?

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