Thankful Reflection

It’s Thanksgiving; a time for reflection on what we’re thankful for. There are a couple things on my mind this morning:

I read a post from Momentum Gathering about the amazing momentum happening right now that we can build on and the changes we can make as women AND men.

I also read a poem that my friend Ronna’s daughter wrote and I was as amazed as Ronna was about her daughter’s bravery and wisdom in understanding her Truth at 14.

Both of these made me reflect on the people that I have gathered around me over the past year. The year of my Happiness Project; the year of Living My Truth; the year of Being Epic.

I am so thankful for my family. There are many things that I’ve done/written/said over the past year that my family may not have agreed with. The stories I’ve shared about our lives growing up has put them “out there” where it is no longer just our stories. Yet, they have supported me; even encouraged me; they have worried, they have laughed and they have cried. They have accepted me in my decisions and my pursuits.

Our family’s life stories are not complicated or “epic” in the worldly sense. But they are stories of love, of sticking together, of learning, of passing on wisdom and hoping for better for our children.

I have written them for my own reflection and remembrance. I have written them to give power to the possible. To demonstrate that their is so much power in the family – even the imperfect ones like mine & yours.

We can build on this! Build on this momentum that we are creating in our family as it branches out into the world!

Our children that are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them; kids that have compassion & care about others and their world; children that understand that knowledge and people are more important than “stuff”; children that understand that life is what they make it-that they must seize it right now!

We are building daughters who are strong and independent yet nurturing and feminine. Our daughters are empowered to live their truths. That they don’t have to “fall” for the images they see of women on screens and in the pages of magazines. They are learning to listen to their hearts and take care of each other rather than put each other down to build their own self-esteem. Girls who have a voice and who sing it loudly to the world!

We build sons who have open hearts and emotion yet are ready to take care of family and what is right. Boys that are rough and tumble yet are gentle and caring. Young men that don’t follow the pack, they lead their own. They don’t know differences in gender, creed or color; they only know people. They are boys that show love, laughter, faith and hope while being “snips, snails & puppy dogs’ tails”.

Do you see the momentum gathering in your family? Do you see all that you are capable of? The changes you are already making? The hope in their future?

This is the the corny theme song of my 4H club week so very long ago 😉 bit still something to think about!

6 thoughts on “Thankful Reflection

  1. I do see the momentum, the hope and the change. I see it in your daughter’s poem — thank you so much for sharing her lovely words and for linking them to mine. I feel a wonderful connection from you to me, from my daughter’s experience’s at 17 to your’s at 14, from my family to yours, on this inspiring Thanksgiving day. Much love to all of you.

    1. Hello Katie! Thanks for commenting! The poem was from my friend Ronna’s daughter. It does seem like our daughter’s are so similar – such beautiful, intelligent, creative girls! Thanks for your blog Katie – it always inspires me!

  2. Beautiful Shawna. We are very thankful for family as well — family is always there, always, no matter what. Happy Thanksgiving:)

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