Giving Thanks for Friends

Giving Thanks for Friends

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving and as I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been thinking about what I’m thankful for. Yesterday, I talked about family, today I’m talking about friends.

I just read this post: and I thought about how I’d been having trouble being creative over the past month and how I am so thankful for the friends that helped me “snap out of it”!

The author of the post: Elizabeth mentions 5 things and all of these hit home for me! I’d never been to the Women on Writing site before today. Again, I’m always amazed at the workings of the Universe! One of these things is “Call a Friend” and I thought about my friends and how thankful I am.

I am thankful for my friends; in real life and online friends. I am inspired by their creativity, their strength, the way they love and laugh, their tears and struggles too. All of them are such amazing women (and men)!

Thank you my friends:

  • For reading my ramblings here on my blog, on our website and in my emails
  • For putting up with my perfectionism and “down-times” that have been such roadblocks to me
  • For encouraging me on when I’ve wanted to stop creating, stop parenting, stop learning, stop working, stop loving.
  • For not letting me run away
  • For listening, laughing, and crying with me through it all
  • For your writing: your words of inspiration, your stories, your “been there, done that” making me feel like I’m not alone
  • For your strength as you’ve struggled through your own lives; letting me help you and be there for you too
  • For your wisdom and advice as women and men that have learned so many lessons and are willing to share

I can go on and on; basically, I want to thank you, each of you – (you know who you are!) for giving me the absolute HONOR and PRIVILEGE of being your friend. My only wish is that I can someday repay each of you for all you have done!

Thank you! I wish everything you dream of comes true!


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