Take It to The Next Level

I’ve been noticing that over the past year, I’ve been “ramping” things up…”taking it to the next level”. I think that’s a good thing. It’s exhausting sometimes, and definitely, NOT EASY!

Well, I totally just lost everything that I typed! Of course, even the techies have technical difficulties! The way I write is a total brain dump, so I just don’t “have it” anymore. Maybe it’s a sign that it wasn’t worth sharing! LOL!!

Basically, I was talking about how I’ve expanded everything in my life.

  1. Branching off into starting a business
  2. Making new friends, getting over my fear of being “weird”
  3. Expanding my relationship with my husband
  4. Getting healthier, working out harder
  5. Learning new things
  6. No longer being the “martyr” at home

None of it has been easy – it’s been downright tough. Many hours of tears, long nights of talking, major growing pains, many fears to overcome. It has been so worthwhile though!

  1. I’ve learned that I can dream big and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!
  2. I can be myself without fear
  3. I can BELIEVE that everything will be OK and it WILL!
  4. I can do whatever I set my mind to

Of course, it’s not all perfect. Of course, I stumble and fall back. But I keep trying. I keep climbing. I keep learning. I MUST continue to “crank it up” and make it even better.

What changes can you make TODAY to “Take it to The Next Level”?

Ok, ok, I think my original post was better….sigh….Oh well! C’est la vie! If I don’t stick my neck out there, I’m not ALIVE! LOL!

I’ve shared this video before, but it’s worth sharing again with this post. Someday is RIGHT NOW! What are you going to do about it!!??

Someday: Rob Thomas

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